You are funny

A week ago, we flew home from Germany. I think my body is officially back in the Eastern Time Zone in the United States. No more waking up in the wee hours of the morning ready to rise and shine.

The transition between time zones as we flew across continents wasn’t too bad this year. As it turned out, on the return, we really didn’t have much time to sit around and complain about our jilted body clocks. In less than 48 hours after we returned I had us unpacked and repacked for the next adventure — a family wedding in my hometown.

Now we are back from our vacation, back from the wedding, and I for one, have no idea what to do next. Being away for month and then a trip on top of a trip will do that to a person. That, and the craziness of international airports is enough to send anyone off-balance.

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Learning a second language as an adult

Here I am still in Germany, forever trying to bridge the language barrier between the family I married into and me. The task falls on me because, mostly, they comprehend and speak English.

As for my German?

Let’s just say, I am still learning.

Learning a second language as an adult = Easier said than done.

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Two bottles of champagne

Question: What do you need to blow up a kids pool?

Answer: Two bottles of champagne.


Let me explain.

Yesterday my in-laws decided to blow up a kids pool (for my kids, duh) to play in since the weather took a turn for hotter-than-hot. After getting out the air pump, only to realize they didn’t have the right adaptor to fit in the size of the blow-up thingy, they paused.

But only for a minute.

A neighbor walked over to brainstorm.

The three of them quickly came to a solution. They could use a champagne cork to rig as an adapter since it seemed about the size of the blow-up thingy (port?).

Without hesitation, my mother-in-law went to the cellar and returned with a bottle of champagne. As she was walking toward us, she uncorked it.

And uncorked it, she did.

The cork went flying beyond the trees into the neighbor’s yard.

We stared in disbelief.

Then started laughing hysterically, except the kids who stood there scared beyond belief and thought Oma was trying to kill them with a champagne cork.

The neighbor and I started looking for the cork.

My mother-in-law didn’t have time for that.

Without hesitation, she returned to the cellar for a second bottle of champagne.

This time, carefully, she uncorked it. The kids cowered behind my legs as it popped.

In no time the three of them rigged it to fit over the blow-up thingy (port?).

And don’t you know?

It worked.

The winning cork.

The winning cork.

The kids pool is up and running.

Now you may be wondering if we drank the champagne.

Well, what would you do?

Blogging 101 wrap-up

Ladies and Gentlemen.

The blogging course I have been taking through WordPress at The Daily Post through Blogging University called Blogging 101 is coming to an end this weekend. If all that jargon is not enough to confuse you, just continue following my blog. I am sure there will be more confusing content down the road. Ha!

But seriously, thanks for hanging in there with me to my non-blogging audience during this venture. And welcome to the new readers that I connected with in the course, like my new funny friend James Proclaims!

That’s probably been the richest part of the experience for me — reading, relating, laughing, and learning from other bloggers. Plus all the amazing articles and resources provided with each assignment.

I am inspired.

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A toy story

Two days before the kids and I flew to Germany I was finalizing some simple activities for my them to do while we were on the airplane. This trip marks the sixth international trip I have taken with at least one child. From prior successes and failures, I have learned that cheap and never-seen-before toys is the key on the plane with kids.

As I was making the bed and getting dressed, I realized it was uncannily quiet out in the kitchen where the kids were. I tiptoed down the hallway to peak, expecting some sort of mess. What I found was the two of them sharing a chair and happily peeling crayons.


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Write on

This post has two parts with two purposes in mind.

Part I is related to blogging with a goal in mind — to connect with other bloggers.

Part II is related to day-to-day life in order to keep long-time readers abreast with my latest thoughts and happenings.

Feel free to read any or all depending on what is relevent or interesting to you. If nothing else, you are definitely going to want to read the quote at the end. It’s kind of the thread in this whole thing.

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About my “About” page


I am on day seven of Blogging101. Yesterday, I re-vamped my “About” page.

For the non-bloggers, an About pages tells readers, well, what you are all about. It’s always a good idea to share a few things about yourself and your writing to allow people to decide if you are worth reading. For many bloggers, this is a tough task. The About page can make or break you when it comes to gaining new readers.

After I fiddled with mine last night, I sent the link to a handful of people in my life this morning — people who I thought could offer me some valuable feedback. So far, I am not disappointed by the responses I am receiving.

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