TRIing to exercise with a little help from my iPod

This morning I went out for a three mile run and actually ran the whole time. This is a huge accomplishment for me since  giving birth to my son in January. I have been TRIing to get back into an exercise routine post-baby bump for the last sixth months, and for those of you who know what I am talking about, it is not easy. In fact, it is so difficult that it took me three tries before I was even able to spell the word “exercise” correctly (thank God for spell check), which gives you a little insight into just how obsolete a regular exercise schedule can become when caring for and raising a little one.

Alas, I had a moment of reckoning with myself in May and decided to sign up for a mini-triathlon to bond with my stepsister in September before her destination wedding in October. The kicker is I have never done a mini-triathlon before and the event takes place in New Jersey, which is seven hours away from where I live in Virginia. Talk about challenging myself physically, this is going to be a logistical challenge as well. BUT, enough about that, I am doing it for the fun and for the challenge of a new experience in a new place. In addition to the swimming, biking, and running (I think that is the correct order) fun, this event will be special to me because I will be bonding with my stepsister and her sister-n-law (I guess that makes her my step-sister-n-law!?) in New Jersey, a state I do not have too much experience with, unless you count be raised by a father who is a New Jersey native (another topic for another day).

So iPod charged and ready, I began my three mile jaunt. Two things to note here: (1) prior to having a baby I never ran with music (yes, I was just that motivated; barf if you must), and (2) running three miles used to be a walk in the park. Boy how times have changed. This morning I knew I needed some music to get me amped up, and I knew three miles would not be as easy as it used to be. The saving grace in all of this is that I truly believe the body does not forget. What I mean by that is “once a runner, always a runner” even if you have been on hiatus. This is good news for all you slacker runners out there. It IS possible to get back into it when/if you are willing to put in the time and energy. For me, the time is now.

My playlist for the morning, in chronological order, consisted of : Beautiful Day by U2, Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield, Thriller by Michael Jackson, Enter Sandman by Metallica, I Run to You by Lady Antebellum, Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry, and No One by Alicia Keys. What does this list say about me? You can decide for yourselves on that one. The point is that even though it a totally random list of songs, I was out there, on the trail, moving my a$$ instead of sitting on it this morning (and like I am doing now ;)).

I am TRIing my best to make good decisions and get back into a healthy exercise routine after having a baby and embark on new adventures. How might you help me? Send me song recommendations for my next playlist. What gets you motivated to get out there and move your a$$? One of my old favorite slogans used to be “will run for beer,” and although this isn’t completely realistic to me anymore since I get loopy after two beers now and don’t drink in the morning, I know that exercise does a body good and before I know it I will be back in the groove (pun intended). Next up on the exercise list? Dusting off the old Trek, buying a swim cap, and getting out there on the exercise train with gusto and grit… iTunes and all.

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6 thoughts on “TRIing to exercise with a little help from my iPod

  1. You’ve inspired me, Britta! I’ve been staring at that eliptical ever since I got the go-ahead from my doctor for post-baby exercise. NOW is the time…..well… maybe TOMORROW is the time 😉

    • Thanks for reading! Let me know when the eliptical stares you in the face and forces you to get back on it and exercise. Create a playlist or borrow mine and go for it 🙂

  2. Here is a song that gets (got) me going….Hung Up by Madonna. I love(d) running/working out to pop/dance music. The beats kept me going. Insert Jersey Shore fist pump here. Can’t wait to get back into shape!! Keep up the good work Britta!

  3. Britta Jane, Go out and purchase “The Meters” Anthology double disc and load that sucker into the ipod. It has the fattest baselines. It may not make you faster, but you will have the funkiest strides on the trail. “Funkify your life, get on down, you can be the funkiest one in town!”

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