On the bike again… just cannot wait to get on the bike again

Today, Tuesday, I took my first bike ride in a very long time. Cool!

Last Thursday, just getting the tires pumped up, finding my helmet, and installing my bike rack on the back of my car (and keeping my fingers crossed that it would hold) made me feel cool. As the neighbors watched (yes, I could feel their eyes on me) as I took a spin around the horn, I enjoyed the cool wind in my hair and the strength in my legs being tested.

But let us get back to today. After getting Lance off to day care, I decided I would make good use of the cool(er) morning and put off laundry and housework for later in the day. Making good use of my morning included a bike ride. Bravely, I snapped on my helmet, threw on my camel back (oh yeah, I found that last week, too) and was out the door. I decided I would just leave straight from my basement and ride through some traffic down to the River Walk trail today. Again, I felt cool riding alongside the traffic. As cars passed me on the left and I prayed I would not hit the curb or tumble off my bike before arriving safely down to the trail where I could ride with ease, I trusted my bike and my legs. I could already tell my ass was going to be sore in no time, but I forged ahead.

At the end of my ride, I rode a total of 42 minutes including walking back up the hill to my house with, yes, a sore ass I was satisfied. Not bad for the first time out on the bike since 2008 during footoall season in Blackburg. Oh how I hate to admit my bike has been in the basement for that long, but nonetheless I am psyched that I have a reason to get back on it (sprint triathlon — see earlier post).

Until next time… just cannot wait to get on the bike again.

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