Today’s playlist, BRICK, a flashdrive, and one snake later…

This post is rather random. You know, kinda like the focus of this blog so far. What can I say? My thoughts are rampant.

Moving on… what do a playlist, BRICK, a flash drive, and one snake have to do with one another? Well, they were all components and bizarre thoughts that materialized during my work-out this a.m.

First and most exciting — today’s playlist!

1. Sabotage by the Beastie Boys

2. ‘Till I Collapse by Eminem & Nate Dogg

3. Merry Happy by Kate Nash

4. Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliott

5. The Distance by Cake

6. Rock Me Amadeus by Falco

7. Fighter by Christina Aguliera

8. I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett

(NOTE: Thank you for the Madonna recommendation, Marisa. I will def try to incorporate Hung Up into my next playlist.

Next, BRICK… what is a BRICK? You tell me Triathlon people.

According to my work-out schedule, today is a BRICK day, which I was able to surmise based on some context clues, means that you are supposed to do two out of the three events in a TRI (i.e. swim & bike… bike & run… get it?). At any rate, I opted to bike then run, during which I spent a good part of my time trying to figure out what BRICK could possibly mean. Since it is written in all caps, I played the acronym guessing game in my head as I pedaled and cheerily said, “Good morning!” to the exercise community on the trail. Anyway… Bike, Run, ICK? Blue, Red, Indigo, Calico… Kite?! At first, I was convinced the B and the R stood for Bike and Run, but what about poor Swim? That logic really left out the swimming and that is just sad for Swim. It is almost like Bike, Run, Swim took on various persona’s in my mind as I TRIed to figure this one out.

Several hours later, I still haven’t figured out what BRICK actually means so I have done the only thing I can think of: Yes, I googled it (big shocker, I know). Of course, Wikipedia was one of the first hits, and how sad is it that I am actually going to cite Wikipedia… sigh. I have been away from academia too long and my standards have really gone down hill. Sooooo, according to Wikipedia (2011), a brick is a block of ceramic material used in masonry construction, usually laid using various kinds of mortar. No mention of a BRICK having to do with a triathlon. Could someone, anyone out there, explain to me what BRICK means? I really have to get up to speed on the lingo if I am going to be a tri-athlete (is that a word?), plus it is still bugging me that I do not know what BRICK stands for.

Onto the flash drive. During my first “transition” (yeah, I am speaking the lingo now!) from bike to run, I tried to quickly and smoothly lock my bike, helmet, and camelback to the fence, taking only what I would really need, and loosen up for the run. My iPod and my house key were all I needed. As I grabbed for the iPod, no problem. As I grabbed for my house key… problem. I forgot to take it off the key chain and I still had other keys, a dumb key chain, and my flashdrive attached to the ring. Do I take the flash drive or do I leave it? Honestly, I spent several moments thinking about the pros cons and ultimately decided that my flashdrive was too valuable to leave behind. What if someone stole it? It is my life, my work! I could not bear the thought of leaving it so I ran with it, along with the entire bulky key chain. Not the best substitute for a baton during a relay race, so the bulky keys and flash drive were instantly annoying since I usally just tie my key to my shoestring and call it a day. Nevertheless, off I went, flashdrive in tow.

One mile later I forgot I was actually carrying a flash drive, gripping it like it gold, and got into a nice steady pace. All was well; I was riding the endorphins, life was good. Then I saw it. My worst fear was right underfoot, and I was about to step on it?! A green grass snake! Was it big? No. Was it scary? Super! For anyone who knows me, I have an extreme snake phobia. So extreme that I pretty much look for them during all my runs and always think sticks are actually snakes. I am a freak. BUT, today this snake was no stick. I jumped a mile, and fear pulsed through my entire body. Luckily, fear turned into adrenalin and propelled me through the rest of my run as I tried to get away from the itty bitty snake. Again, I am a freak. Although I will take the eight and a half mile pace, I felt totally out of sorts and still carrying a flash drive as I reached my bike. Snake nightmares flashed through my head, a montage of previous snake sitings played through my mind. Fortunately, The Fighter came on my playlist and got me through a bizarre training session, feeling “just a little bit stronger.”

The moral of this random story? Working out causes you to think about some pretty strange things and experience some odd moments. It is an entirely insane mindset when you think about it… which keeps me running back for more… ‘Till I Collapse.

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