Lance story

Rewind a few months for me.

This piece is a little something I wrote back in April that I recently edited and want to share… I treasure this story, written from Lance’s point of view at three months old. I know I will never be able to write anything like it again. Time is fleeting so enjoy this special post about a special little boy.

Lance , 3 months old

April 6, 2011

I love to eat my hands, play with my hands, fold my hands, and suck on my left thumb. My right thumb is not as interesting to me, but the left one I like and prefer. My hands keep me occupied for long periods of time while I am awake. Although I like to look at objects and touch things that Mommy puts within my reach, I do not grab for too much just yet. I can, however, hold onto my car keys and other small toys when placed in my hands. Letting go is not as easy. Sometimes I accidentally hit myself in the face. Oops! My coordination is definitely a work in progress.

I talk all the time. “Ah-goooo” is my favorite word, but I make all kinds of a noises and sounds and love having conversations with Mommy and Papa. We take turns talking, and I always enjoy this activity. Mommy & Papa speak to me in both English and German.

I like to look at books. Sometimes while Mommy and Papa read to me I start screaming so they just hold up the pictures for me to look at. I study the pictures and words quietly. Papa reads and talks to me in German. Recently, we have been listening to German nursery rhymes. Papa teaches Mommy the pronunciation so they can both sing for me.

My favorite book that I do like to listen to is about Winnie the Pooh. The book is short and the words are simple. My favorite line from the book is “Pooh loves honey. Bees do too.” The way Mommy reads it always make me laugh, and I like the way the book crinkles and makes sounds when she holds it for me to see. My favorite book to look at the pictures of is called “Dog.” There is even a pug dog in this book.

I recently noticed I have a pug dog named Luke. Sometimes when my Mommy is out of the room Luke comes and licks my face, messes up my blanket and sits next to me. When she comes back in the room I usually have pug hair on my face. I like Luke.

I love to sit in my bouncy chair and think. Usually I end up falling asleep while listening to the classical music station in the afternoons when I am at home.

I do not use a pacifier often. I am a calm baby and am happiest after nursing. I am content and satisfied most of the time throughout the day.

I sleep through the night in my crib like a big boy. The longest of I have slept at night is ten hours, which has become the trend over the past few nights. Before that I would sleep for six to eight hours at night and then decide I was hungry.

My Mommy gets up to feed me no matter what time of day. She always plays with me, holds me, feeds me, and changes me all day long. I like it when she holds me close and says “kisses!!”

I do not like tummy time one bit. Mommy and Papa always try to put me on my tummy, but I would rather suck on my hands and fingers and talk to them than lay on my tummy. Mommy says I have to keep practicing.

Recently, I started sitting in my high-chair where I have a different perspective. I get wheeled around all over the place in my high-chair. Mostly I sit in the kitchen or the living room, but sometimes on the back porch or in the guest room when Mommy is on the computer.

I enjoy riding in the car (Mommy is so glad!) and do not mind sitting in my car seat when we go places. So far, I have been on two overnight trips to Blacksburg, and I am getting ready for more overnight trips later this month. I have been on day trips to Greensboro and Roanoke. I have also been to restaurants, the mall, Target, Home Depot, church, Papa’s work, Mommy’s hair salon, the park, and on many walks.

I like to spend time outside. Sometimes I get pushed in the stroller or sometimes Mommy likes to wear me in the ERGO baby carrier. I stay nice and snuggly warm up against Mommy’s chest. I have felt the sun and wind on my face. Lately, I hear many birds chirping on our walks.

I nurse very well and usually eat every 2-4 hours during the day and then go for long stretches at night. Mommy likes to read her  books while I am nursing, but I catch her looking at me and smiling at me often, too. She likes to rub my head and talk to me when I nurse before bed. We sing the song “Tomorrow” from the play Annie every night at bedtime. After I finish nursing, I get snuggled and burped then swaddled and put down for the night. I like to sleep with a night-light and a fan on low.

My room is comfortable and familiar to me. I like to lie on the changing table and kick my legs before and after diaper changes. I usually listen to the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that my little blue star plays or else stare at the wall. The wall is so interesting to me!

I look like my Papa, but I have my Mommy’s big eyes. I am growing bigger and stronger everyday and my personality is unveiling itself. Today I am three months old and now you know a little about me, Lance, and what makes me unique.

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