Blogging reflections

So it seems that I have been blogging for a few weeks now, and like a typical nerd would do, it is time to REFLECT. Reflect on my progress, reflect on my thoughts, reflect on my enjoyment & reflect on my frustration.

First, my progress —

As I review the dates of my posts, I can easily see that I started out with blogging gusto. I put up several posts quickly, sent one mass email & one google “buzz” with my blog link, and then soon fizzled out to about one post per week. In other words, I came out of the gates running, then quickly slumped into a lackadaisical gait at most. All I can say is the fact that I am aware of this is a good thing. The beauty of reflecting is that these realizations come to light.

My new goal is to make a post a day (or every few days). Kinda like an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In writer’s lingo I say, “a post a day keeps the slacking at bay.” Kind of cheesy, but we all need mantras to keep us chugging along. Here’s to blogging and blogging often. After all, The Pioneer Woman ( suggests that you, “Blog often.” And if Pioneer Woman says it, it must be true.

I also need to make a better effort on letting people know about my blog. Since I only sent out one email to mostly family and a few friends I cannot expect a whole lot. I need to make a little more effort, which probably means posting my link to Facebook.

Although I cannot honestly say who or how many people are reading my banter, I’d like to think I am gathering somewhat of an audience — even if it is only my mom. Maybe now that I activated the option to subscribe via email that will make things easier for people. Time to remind the masses and collect a few more regular readers.

Second, my thoughts —

Writing has always been a wonderful outlet for me. The fact that I can now document my writing in a personal space online and store it in one compact place is nice. I’ve written creatively in word docs my fair share, but nothing I have done has come close to this kind of public writing. I have also done MORE than my fair share of writing in countless journals stashed in shoe boxes all around my house — oh crap, am I a hoarder? Nah, I could never been a hoarder. My shoes boxes are organized by date and stacked neatly on top of each other. I’d say, other than my son, they are my most prized possessions. But boy if anyone came in my house and told me to throw them away, I might get feisty.

With blogging, I kind of get a rush every time I finish writing something and hit “publish.” Even if my mom is the only one reading.

Third, my enjoyment —

I like this whole blogging world! It’s crazy, but I like it!

I must so though, it is definitely a learning process (which will eventually lead into frustrations). Even though I have two degrees in Communication, I never took a class on Blogging. Ut-o, how did I fall behind so quickly?! Technology and social media can get away from you quickly if you are not careful. Consider this blog a crash course on blogging, if you will. Besides, I think I have taken enough classes to last me a lifetime.

Speaking of school, now that I am continuing my PhD work part-time I think blogging will help provide me with some sanity and a creative release to balance the dry, nerdy academic writing and head pounding moments that come with workload.

I love that there are no rules to blogging and that I can write about pretty much anything and everything. Although WordPress says you should find a focus, I think they only say that b/c that is what all writing teachers say. When really, it is fun to write about whatever pops into your head. Although I must say, I love writing about Lance 🙂 I swore I wouldn’t always make all my posts about him, but I do love writing about him.

Bottom line: Blogging if fun, which is what I intended it to be for me. Blogging on…

Fourth, my frustrations —

As I mentioned above I still have a ton to learn with regard to blogging. The whole “theme” thing really has me in a pickle. I arbitrarily picked a theme, then played around with two or three others, then settled on the Fruit Shake (or Fruity Banana or whatever it is called). Is it the right theme for me? I don’t know yet; we are still dating. Go bananas.

I wish I had a blogging consultant. I guess I could use the people from WordPress to get my questions answered, but it just seems so impersonal. What I need is a blogging support group. Who’s in? I’ll be Prez.

Last frustration… I still really wish I had an editor. If anyone is up for this role, I am now taking applications. You have to be ready and willing to work (and know as much as Strunk & White). That’s pretty much all I am asking. Oh, and you have to like working for free.

Wrapping up, I would just like to add that I plan to continue blogging! Keep reading…

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2 thoughts on “Blogging reflections

  1. Blogging on a daily basis is very difficult! I hate to say it, but I think you are setting yourself up for bloggie burnout. I don’t want you to fail or get frustrated because you know how much I enjoy it myself, so here is an idea from the “support group” historian.

    You could break up longer posts into shorter posts that continue over a week. This will get you closer to your daily post idea. You could still write everything out on the same day, but schedule the posts to appear at a later time.

    Happy Blogging, my friend!

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