Oregon the snake

Last week Jan spent a week in Portland, Oregon for an Engineering Conference. Lance, Luke, & I stayed home to (wo)man the fort. Needless to say Jan had a great week in Oregon while Lance, Luke, & I enjoyed our week at home and one quick trip to Blacksburg.

The week went by quickly, and soon Jan was home again. Upon his return, he presented me with a beautiful pair of oval-shaped silver hoops. I was pleased, especially since he picked them out himself.

Then he looked to Lance with excitement in his eyes and his hands behind his back. I have to admit I was excited to see what he picked out for Lance, too, until he said these words… “Lance I got you something Mommy would NEVER get you!”

Great. I already dislike this gift.

Before I could react, enter our new legless pet. Jan fittingly named him, “Oregon.”

Lance and "Oregon"

As seen above, Lance immediately took to Oregon

Mommy, not so much.

If you will recall from an earlier post I made about seeing a snake on one of my runs, I disdain snakes. In some ways, it is like that post is coming back to haunt me since I voiced my strong opinions against snakes. Now all of a sudden I am living with one, even if it IS fake.

And after one weekend of cohabitation, I am still not sure how I feel about tripping over and looking at this ugly snake, but I guess I will have to try to adjust.

For now, Jan is just thankful I have new earrings to help ease the transition.

Here’s to hoping Lance does not develop ophidiophobia like his wacky Mommy. But if Oregon suddenly disappears one day… I am not giving the earrings back.

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