The not-to-be-forgotten pug dog

Since Lance was born Luke the Pug seems to have naturally taken the backseat.

Instead of the being the foreground of pictures, he is now pretty much either seen in the background or standing by with a not-to-be-forgotten look on his face.

As I browsed through some of the pictures we have taken since Lance was born, I could not help but notice several pictures where Luke was lurking in the background. Here are a few of my favorites. If you start to feel bad for him, he makes a comeback at the end!

This one was taken right after Lance was born.

See how bad he wants to be in the picture with Lance, my mom, grandma, and me?

Here he is again. Standing by… watching… waiting…making sure he is close by and not-to-be-forgotten.

                                 As time passed on Luke continued to be at high alert, and always perked up when the camera came out… even if he was only in the background

In this next photo, Luke didn’t even make the picture. Nonetheless, I am including it because (a) I love it, and (b) it is symbolic in the fact that Luke used to be the one sitting in the hammock with us. As you can see, his spot is now taken.

Hey look, here is one of Luke and only Luke! Yet somehow reminders of Lance still surround him.

Fortunately for Luke there is still one place where he still receives plenty of attention, and ALWAYS gets to play dress up. The Tracy household is always a reliable venue for pug love.

Finally, Luke is beginning to make a comeback as seen in the two photos below. Lance and Luke are becoming the best of friends lately. Won’t be long now until Lance is chasing after Luke…

And for the record, yes, that is Luke’s tongue.

Although life has substantially changed for our Luke the Pug, we still love him. He is as endearing, entertaining, stubborn, and stinky as the day I adopted him. Kisses Luke!

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One thought on “The not-to-be-forgotten pug dog

  1. Luke is like one of those photo crashers who makes funny faces in the background. That picture with Lance’s tongue out is hilarious!

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