Hot summer days

This  summer in southern Virginia the temperatures have been in the 90’s for several weeks on end… with barely any rain.

So what does one do on hot summer days? Find water!

And so we did.

A few weekends ago, we packed up the car and headed to Smith Mountain Lake for a day of swimming and relaxing. After lot’s of splashing around we headed back to our towels and this is what we did for the rest of the afternoon.

This might be my favorite picture from our whole summer. And that’s saying a lot because I take a lot of pictures… and we had a busy summer.

I was thinking about writing about and including my top five or ten favorite pictures from summer, but I just couldn’t narrow it down. We saw quite a few family and friends this summer, and as usual I got too worried about leaving someone out!?

So what you see above is what you get. Relaxation at its best… a simple father/son moment where time sort of stood still one afternoon.

As school years begin and lazy summer days are of the past, I say bring on fall… even if I have to wait until late October before it actually cools down around here 🙂

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