I started writing this post Sunday evening when I was in a ho-hum state of mind but never posted it because I thought I would come up with something better to banter about this week. Well, guess what? I haven’t.

As you can see, I am still in a partially ho-hummish state of mind. Or at least up until a few hours ago when the earthquake “shook”  things up a little bit. I only make this little quip since it appears everyone on the East Coast is fine. I am sure by now they are having earthquake parties in D.C. and NYC now that the work day is completely disrupted. But enough with the earthquake talk… Bottom line: we are fine in Virginia in our humble abode. Jan was working. Lance & I were at the Wise Old Owl’s house, and although we definitely “felt the earth move” (sorry, I cannot help myself) under our feet, all is in order. Luke was home alone and now won’t leave my side. Thanks for the company, puggy (Lance is napping in case you were wondering).

At any rate, back to my ho-hummish state of mind… I am going to chalk it up to the “back to school blues.” My contract at VT began last week and so my quest for a PhD continues after taking one semester and one summer off to be with Lance. Although the work hasn’t pile up yet, and I am only going part-time this semester, I do realize I have a lot of work ahead of me and need to get my head back in the game. It’s hard after going through such a life changing event as having a baby to switch gears and return to a professional setting. That is, if you can call graduate school a professional setting… Because really it’s just a bunch of people banging their heads off the walls or books or their computers trying to think of something innovative to write their dissertation on and move on with life. Unfortunately for most, this period takes several years of grueling work and is viciously challenging both mentally and physically. Ho-hum…

But before I depress you (or myself) any longer let me write about something a little more uplifting — my triathlon training! Since I haven’t blogged about it in a while, an update is in order. In a nutshell, it is going remarkably well. Aside from a skipped bike ride this a.m. and last week when I almost passed out (heat exhaustion?) after completing a bike/run (BRICK if you will), I am sticking to my training schedule pretty religiously. This week has been much better, and I can happily report that I ran a four-miler pretty handily the other day. At this point, I am sure I can complete this mini-tri with satisfaction… which is a good thing because September 11th (race day!) is looming in the not-so-far distant. Oh, and I took a break from listening to my iPod during runs. Now I am just listening to the rhythms of my thoughts… or my feet hitting the pavement… or the wind… or something like that…

As I continue to think about the triathlon, it is not so “shocking” (again, I cannot help myself) that I think about transitions since a triathlon requires a transition from swimming to biking to running. If you will allow me to make a quick comparison, I consider Sunday’s and Friday’s to be “transition” days. Transition to and from the weekend. This week I am having an especially long transition Sunday. Not exactly like the transitions in a triathlon, but Sunday nights are the calm after the weekend and are often accompanied by a foreboding sense of the work week to come. Not that the start of a new week is a bad thing, but I am definitely in transition this week in particular and about to get back into a different kind of work than I have been doing the last seven and a half months. It makes me feel a little dull, and it makes me dread reading more boring research papers. Hence the title of this post… Ho-Hum.

But really… I am also about to start juggling Mommyhood with graduate school with triathlon training (exercise keeps me sane). Of course, I know I can do it, but there was a definite sense of ho-hummishness to it this Sunday evening, which has kind of carried through to today. Ho-hum… Ho-hum…

Nonetheless, I am glad I decided to make this post, and I must say, the earthquake has definitely shook me up enough to get me out of this ho-hummish state of mind. Gee, thanks Mother Nature! Now that I have cleared my mind… let the work and semester begin; let the triathlon training proceed; let Mommyhood continue to be the most important job; and let me not have to use the words ho-hum, ho-hummish, or ho-hummishness for a long time to come.


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