Corn on the bun

When I was a little girl, say four or five, I used to call corn on the cob, “corn on the bun.” I guess in all fairness I was used to eating hotdogs and hamburgers on a bun during the summer, so why shouldn’t corn, another summertime favorite, be on a bun, too? At the time, it made sense to me.

Anyway, we used to eat the best corn growing up — straight from my great-grandpa’s (aka PopPop) garden in PA. I have many memories eating corn on the bun with my cousins after swimming in “the pond” all day.

This year, disappointingly, I haven’t really had any good corn because it has been so dry here in south-central VA. I’ve purchased corn once this season from the Farmer’s Market that looked relatively good, but turned out to be a mildly tasteless at best. Maybe my timing was off that day and all the yummy corn was sold early in the a.m. when I was still sleeping. Or maybe I should have gone more than once and tried corn from another vendor. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, it just seemed like I didn’t have the time to hunt for decent corn, but the craving persisted.

Jan & I continued to look for corn at the grocery store, but to no avail. The grocery stores around here aren’t really known for having the best produce so I am sure there is good corn around, but I just hadn’t been able to find it here. Until last weekend that is — my mom, aunt, and uncle drove down to visit and sure enough the corn on the bun they brought from PA was right on the money and hit the spot just like PopPop’s corn used to do for me. The kernels were big and full of flavor, the coloring was a beautiful mix of yellow and white, and the taste was out of this world. Nice, juicy, stick-in-your teeth kind of corn bathed in butter, salt, and pepper. Craving satisfied.

Here are some pictures of Jan & I enjoying the last of the PA corn last night.

Ok, a little staged, but I swear the taste was pure.

Overacting at its best.

Deliciousness! If you look closely you will see, not Luke, but Lance’s tiny head in the background this time. Sorry Lance, but you took a brief backseat to corn on the bun last night.

Happy corn eating to one and all. May you savor and enjoy every last kernel of corn on the bun this season. Because soon the corn will be out, and the apples will be in… BTW, if you haven’t noticed I still like to call corn on the cob, “corn on the bun.” Old habits die hard.

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