The Huckleberry Trail

This morning I had to pleasure of running on the Huckleberry Trail in Blacksburg. I had to go to there yesterday to meet with my adviser and a committee member, and since I had such a productive day on campus, I decided to treat myself to a run on the trail this morning to clear my head… oh yeah, and continue my TRI training 😉

As I set out for my run, waves of nostalgia flooded through my body and mind. I used to run on it when I was in college, then again when I moved back to Hokieland to teach in 2006. Now that I don’t live there anymore, getting to run on the trail this morning was uplifting. A body and mind  do not forget when it comes to running. And since I cannot tell you how many miles I have logged on that trail over the years, let’s just say I know the trail like the back of my hand.

I know where every mile marker is located. I know where all of the benches are (ahem, just in case I need a breather) positioned. I know when Lane Stadium is about to come into view. I know when the trail will literally go right through the cow pastures. I know when I’ll go under Rt. 460. I know when I’ll run alongside of the cars speeding passed me on Rt. 460. I know when the hills are coming. I know what is around every corner. And on… and on… and on…

Although I do not have any pictures to post of the Huckleberry Trail, let’s just say it was a nice, yet oh so familiar, change of scenery.

May the rest of my training be as enjoyable as today… 11 more days!

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One thought on “The Huckleberry Trail

  1. Don’t forget about the time we camped out on the HT and were woken up by the cops! ” but officer, we are 26 years old…we know what we’re doing!”

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