Wearing teal for Allison

Last Friday, September 2, 2011 was “Wear Teal Day!” across the United States. Teal is the color of ovarian cancer awareness. And since one of my best and long-time friends, Allison Milliard, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last spring after having a cyst removed… (during week 17 of pregnancy, I might add)… several of us girls who are friends with her banned together and all wore teal for her, as well as other women who are fighting the disease.

In addition to wearing teal, we all held up signs with supportive words that describe our friend and posted them to Facebook. Then we tagged Allison and made the picture our new profile pic… all without her knowing we were doing this. You can imagine the tears shed when she saw all the photos. I have to admit, I was pretty teary-eyed myself as each new picture uploaded.

Now with only one (out of six) chemo treatments left to go, Allison has demonstrated she has strong will and determination. During the last five months she has fought the good fight. Soon she will be a mother to her baby boy, who is due October 3, 2011. We all know Allison will be a wonderful mother… cancer-free!

Below are a few pictures of some of the women who wore teal for Allison. As you can see our friend is one tough cookie, strong, beautiful, strong and determined, tenacious, a rock star, passionate, inspirational, amazing, … and much more!

Onee and Emerson wear teal for Allison.

Tiffany wears teal for Allison.

Abby wears teal for Allison.

Beth & boys wear teal for Allison.

Becky wears teal for Allison.

Casey wears teal for Allison.

Maria wears teal for Allison.

Anne wears teal for Allison.

Christin wears teal for Allison.

I wear teal for Allison.

Whewww! I feel all teary-eyed again and even a little pumped up after posting all of these pictures. It is almost like when the home team wins a big game. You just want to keep cheering and smile and cry all at the same time. Or when you listen to the theme song from the Wonder Years and just keep singing, “I get by with a little help from my friends” over and over and over because it is just such a great song line and you know you can make it through anything.

Although this road has not been easy for Allison, she has responded to the odds with strength – even on the tough days. This Thursday she will undergo her sixth and final chemo treatment before the baby is born.  As she continues to fight and beat ovarian cancer we all continue to stand by and support her every day.

We love you, Allie Cat, our friend and mother-to-be.

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