Off to TRI!

Well, I am almost all packed up and ready to hit the road to New Jersey. The mini-triathlon weekend has arrived. On Sunday at 7 a.m. I will be swimming, biking, and running (in that order) with Lauren. At least I have the order down pat 🙂

I’d like to think that my training over the last few months has prepared me, but let’s first take a quick trip down memory lane and see what other events have led me to believe I can finish a mini-triathlon.

First, I have always loved to swim. I’m pretty sure I got my big start in my grandparents pond. Here I am fearlessly jumping into the arms of my late Grandpa Leon. Quite the little swimmer in my Strawberry Shortcake swimming suit at age two, ehh?

1982 — Two years old — “The pond”

In 1985, I graduated to the life vest phase of swimming. This picture of my brothers, cousins, and  me (in braids — thanks, Mom) was taken at Oneida Lake in New York. There you have it, I have experience swimming in a lake in New York! I am pretty sure that is going to come in handy and help me as I swim the waters of the Lower New York Bay this Sunday.

1985 — Five years old — Oneida Lake, NY

I couldn’t really find any more pictures of me swimming since 1985, but some must exist. Afterall, I did do quite a bit of swimming in the Coudersport Town Pool. I also swam for exercise in college and did a ton of swimming in Lake Powell, AZ the summer Nicole & I were “boat instructors” (yeah, another story in itself for another day). The past few months I have been swimming at the local YMCA. Yesterday, I bid that pool farewell.

On Sunday, I’ll be sure to get a picture of me in my sweet swim cap (that I have only worn twice so far) and my neon green goggles. Oh the progress I have made!

Onto biking… I got my first bike at five and learned to ride at our old “blue house” (that is now white) out on 872. I distinctly remember my dad holding onto the back of my seat and running around with me on our paved driveway until I got my balance. Then he let go. And I flew down the grassy hill full speed ahead. I am pretty sure that is how I learned to brake.

When we moved into town, I had a purple unicorn bike that my parents got for me at Frederick’s. I had my eye on that bike for weeks before they finally sprung for it and even allowed me to throw in some purples streamers for the handlebars. Just because. Hey, they looked great flying in the wind to and from the town pool and Samantha’s house.

Next, was my first mountain bike… a Shwinn. I was in the big leagues now. This time, my Dad took me to Wellsville, NY, and let me pick it out. Mark had a Trek at the time and since I thought, I too, should have a mountain bike I got one. I rode that bike up and down Toles Hollow Rd and along the railroad grade to meet Allison quite a few times. Then I took that bike to college and rode it to and from campus frequently. I’m not exactly sure what happened to it after that…

Then I got a red Trek when I decided to start biking from Coudersport to Galeton for the annual 4th of July bike rides. Oh that beating that bike (and I) took during those rides. Here is a picture taken of Nicole & I before we took off in 2005… of course we were all smiles in the beginning. You should have seen us post 30+ miles in the woods.

Annual 4th of July bike ride — 2005

Onto running… I got into running in high school when I ran track for a few years. I ran the mile. I never usually won, but I ran anyways. Then for the next several years I would run on and off throughout college and post-college. I only recently got into a regular running regimen. In 2008 I signed up for a half-marathon in Virginia Beach. Completing that run felt great so I signed up for two subsequent half-marathons… one in Roanoke and one in Danville. In addition, I have run more 5Ks than I can count on all my fingers and my toes. Let’s just say I am pretty sure I can complete the 5K during the running portion of the mini-tri (even if I have to walk b/c I am too pooped after the swim and bike).

Here is a recent picture of me completing a 5K this past July.

5K — 2011

One other thing to mention about running… my last playlist! I discovered I run really well listening to old school rap. Who knew?? I’ve always been more of a George Straight and Faith Hill kind of girl, which is probably due to the fact that I love listening to the radio, and when I was growing up, WFRM only played country. Anyway, on my last run I listened to the likes of Jay-Z (Big Pimpin’), Naughty by Nature (Down with OPP), Nelly (EI), Outkast (Hey Ya & Ms. Jackson), Dr. Dre (Still D.R.E.) and others you would be surprised about if you know me. The funny thing is I liked this playlist. Again, who knew?! I’m not sure if I will run with my iPod or not on Sunday, but if I don’t I will probably be singing rap in my head.

At this point, I am feeling ready. I didn’t mean to get so long-winded on you today, but when I start writing sometimes I cannot stop. But at this point, I really need to finish packing and get the  car loaded up. Looking forward to a great weekend in NJ with Tom, Lauren, Jan, & Lance. More later…

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