LIVE with Regis & Kelly

Before I write about the triathlon (which I finished!) it is important I write about getting to see Regis & Kelly first…I actually wrote this piece the day I saw the show, but couldn’t connect to the Internet so I never posted this one. Just pretend it is last Friday. Thanks.

Ok, ok, so I know I came up to NJ to complete a triathlon… BUT… this morning I got to satisfy a longtime silly dream of mine. I took the train (5:42 a.m. to be exact) into Manhattan with Lauren and got to see Live with Regis and Kelly in the ABC studio at Lincoln Center. I’ve been a fan of the show since around 2001 during my college years and have followed pretty religiously since that time. Yes, let me just say it, I love Regis and Kelly.

The only buzz kill was that Regis was off, which WAS a major disappointment, but I still felt compelled to go to the show anyway. After all, I am not sure when another chance such as this will come my way.

Soooo… here a few (poor quality) pictures that surmise my early morning in NYC.

The confirmation letter… we’re in!

First shot inside the studio… I can hardly sit still.

There we are… up since 4:30 a.m.

The desk… the chairs…                                               (that’s “Schully” in the black)

The closest we got to Kelly Ripa. Pee-your-pants exciting!

Blurry Seth Meyers (co-host for the day).

Coming back from commercial break (that’s Michael Gelman in the black).

Art Moore being Art Moore.

Apologies for the poor quality, but it was the best I could do without a flash. And I am pretty sure my hands were shaking from all the excitement. Or maybe it was all the coffee. Either way, you get the picture.

Best moments of the show:

  • Kelly Ripa – she is adorable.
  • Seth Meyers (co-host for the day) – he is adorable, too, and quite funny.
  • Getting to see Michael Gelman, Art Moore & Schully – they are like my people (they just don’t know it).
  • Hearing the opening, music and announcer in person.
  • Commercial breaks. Kelly really interacts with the crowd, and I just loved watching all the producers and camera crew scurrying around.
  • Feeling the presence of Regis even though he wasn’t there in the flesh.
  • Moment of silence at the end for September 11. It gave me chills. Enough said.

Worst moments of the show:

  • Allowing the couple, who was in front of us, let us go into the studio first. The lady went onto win the trivia prize ($500 gift certificate to Pier One) of the day when it should have been Lauren… if only we had stayed in the correct order. Yes, I am still bitter.
  • The Swamp Brothers bringing out… get ready… no joke… a huge python!?! Only me. My snake phobia has only worsened since this morning.

All in all… a great experience. I am grateful to city-savvy Lauren who was my companion for the morning and helped me get to and from the studio… and then a walk through Central Park post-show. I am also (always) grateful to Jan for being on Lance-duty and allowing his Mommy to fulfill a silly dream.

Maybe one day I’ll get to see Regis… until then Kelly Ripa & crew hit the spot.

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3 thoughts on “LIVE with Regis & Kelly

  1. Ah! So fantastic! Love it, love it! Sometimes when I’m off in the morning, I watch the beginning of the show. That’s my favorite part…. I don’t think it’s a silly dream to do this. It’s awesome. Did you know that I watched a TV sitcom as it was being taped when I was younger? It fascinated me so much. And look where I am today!

  2. So glad you got to See ‘Live!’ I know how much you love them! I went in 2006 and I saw Regis, but Kelly was off that day and Joy was co-hosting. What a cool experience! Only two more months with Reege…. tear!

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