Triathlon Re-cap & other updates

One week ago today, I finished my first mini-triathlon in Sandy Hook, NJ. I wish I had something thrilling to say about it, but it’s been a week and I should have reflected sooner. All is can say is I felt great during the swim, bored during the bike, and energized during the run. I am glad I got the chance to compete in such a race and crossing the finish line was oh-so-satisfying. Alas, the training paid off. The beer was well-deserved and went down nicely post-race. I slept like a baby that night… next to my baby… and only woke up feeling slightly sore in my back and left knee-cap. I do have a few pictures (including one of Lauren and I in our swim caps and goggles), but they are on my laptop at my Mom’s house and I am sitting in the Logan airport in Boston trying to catch up after a blogging hiatus this week. Indeed, I feel high-tech blogging from my iPad as people rush and scurry past me trying to get to their gates.

In other news, I had a great week in Coudersport followed by an excellent weekend in Boston with a bunch of Coudy girls. Let’s just say it was full of girl talk and baby talk galore. Such a great fix to catch up with old (but best) friends from “home.” The roots run deep between all of us girls and it was well worth the trip to shower Allison with gifts and love as she prepares for her baby boy to arrive and embark on motherhood.

Today I’m anxious to get back to Coudersport (via a flight to Buffalo and a drive to Coudersport) to pick-up Lance, who I am missing like crazy. Then it’ll be off to Virginia to settle back into normal life with Jan and Lance. It’s been an adventurous week and a half between Regis and Kelly… the triathlon… Coudersport with my family… and Boston. But I am ready to catch up on work and couch time at home.

All for now… I think I’ll people watch for awhile now before I have to board.

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