The Shrine

Lance & I spent last week in Coudersport visiting my family. We stayed in my old bedroom, which I also lovingly like to call “The Shrine.” Not too much has changed in this room since the fall of 1998 when I moved out and headed to college at Virginia Tech.

I moved into this room in 1990 and, of course, it evolved through the elementary school years to the teenage, high school years. But since 1998 time has stood still in this one corner of my life. Over the past 13 years, I have come and gone regularly to visit… but I never officially moved back into my room. Nostalgia ensues each time I visit.

Let’s take a look…

Welcome to "The Shrine!"

First, check out the pink carpet that I picked out in 1991 from Village Carpet. And look — no curtains. In fact, I never had curtains in my room. The only thing outside my room is the deer, and I never cared if they saw me naked. Evidently my parents weren’t too concerned with my privacy either.Or the fact that the morning sunlight prevented me from ever sleeping late.

One of the best features of my room is the white-with-gold-trim furniture. It is a three-piece set which includes a headboard, nightstand, and dresser. Quite the find. Neither of my parents can remember when or where we bought it, but this furniture set is definitely a diamond in the rough.

Other items that I’d like to point out because you might not be able to see them clearly are:

(1) Barbies on the shelves… my Grandma Clara went through a phase when I was in high school and started giving me Barbies for Christmas. Don’t ask. Although I will say they, and by “they” I mean pet-doctor Barbie, Virginia Tech Barbie, and Penn State Barbie, have never been opened or played with… ever. Kinda cool items to hang onto I suppose.

(2) Window A/C and blue towel stuffed in the window as a remedy to an air leak that became a problem many, many years ago. That towel is most certainly grody by now so I don’t touch the towel.

(3) Pictures of my high school cronies on the white-with-gold-trim nightstand. I have made new friends since high school, but kept the old. Kinda like that line from a song I learned in Brownies when I was in first grade… “make new friends, but keep the old… one is silver, but the other is gold…” La, la, la…

Angle 2 of the bed and shelf 1.

Apparently, wicker hearts and mini-straw hats with fake flowers were “in” in 1998. Must have been a phase I was going through…

Shelf 2 and white-with-g0ld-trim dresser.

Yes, that is a Michael Jackson “Thriller” record on the dresser peeking out behind the black Gorilla that I sewed in Mrs. A’s home-ec class. On the wall you will also notice some stenciling. I only got half-way across the wall before I decided it was a dumb idea.

Angle 2 of white-with-gold-trim dresser and shelf 3.

More stuffed animals from my childhood that I am still not ready to let go… 3 on 3 basketball trophies (top shelf)… again, Michael Jackson “Thriller” record on white-with-gold-trim dresser… an entire shelf (second from top) of more pictures of my high school cronies… old jewelry… old purses… old bathrobe. All still there. Remnants of my youth. Wait, I am still young. Aren’t I?

Sports memorabilia.

Last but not least, my sports memorabilia still hanging prominently on the wall. Some people put these accolades in boxes. Some people throw them away. I hung them on the wall and that is where they have stayed. Safe… with all my other possessions in “The Shrine.”

My room has stayed organized, in tact, and in place since the day I moved out in 1998. The pictures of my old high school friends are still there, the old books are still organized on the shelves, the knickknacks haven’t moved, the pink carpet looks the same, the white-with-gold-trim furniture hasn’t fallen apart, and the Barbies remain unopened. In a way, it’s kind of ironic because I am no stranger to change, and in fact, I thrive on change. Yet for some reason this room has not changed. At all. It is most certainly like my nest of security that I can always come “home” to when I need to see my family.

This coming weekend my mom is moving out of this house and my brother is moving into the house. When the deal was sealed, I worried about whether of not I would have to tear apart the “The Shrine.” Fortunately, my brother won’t need this room right away so “The Shrine” is safe. It did, however, cause me to reflect a little on my life and how SO much has truly changed, yet my old room has remained constant. A constant reminder of how I grew up, where I grew up, and the friends I grew up with in Coudersport. It will be a sad day when I pack up “The Shrine” in boxes, but for now… I am hoping for another 13 years.

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7 thoughts on “The Shrine

  1. Britta,
    “The Shrine” is still fresh in my mind since I recently spent a very restful night there. I stayed the night on the eve of your mother’s and brother’s moving day. I’m happy to report everything was still in tact, although that is no longer quite true. The comforter and pillow shams migrated up Vader Hill to the new Dutch Hill Address and look right at home in your mom’s shrine. The move went smoothly and the new house is really nice. I think your mom, the comforter and the shams will live happily ever after!
    Aunt Bev
    P.S. If the deer saw me through your old bedroom window, I’m sure I scared them away! Tee Hee!

    • Thanks for your comment, Aunt Bev. Glad to hear “The Shrine” is still in tact! Thanks also for reading my blog — don’t forget to subscribe by entering your email in the subscribe/follow box on the homepage. That way you don’t have to keep checking back for a new post. Instead, you’ll receive an email (and no junk mail).

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