A new kind of game day

Last weekend Jan, Lance & I loaded up the car (we are getting good at this!) and headed to Blacksburg for Game Day.

Since we didn’t win the game (I will just go ahead and put that out there) this post will not include any cry-baby sentiments. Oh, how I loathe Clemson. Ok, maybe just one cry-baby sentiment.

Instead I will write about a new kind of Game Day. A Game Day that includes babies. Hokie babies!

Our first stop in Blacksburg was at the Hampton Inn to see the Wetzel’s. Lance loved played on the giant king-sized bed…

And getting a bottle from Connie…

Before we left, he did a few check-ins and greeted some guests. I think he’s about qualified to work at the Westgate Inn.

Then we were off. I was starting to get excited so I began taking pictures out of the window as we drove into town. Exhibit A: giant blow-up Hokie bird. I love giant blow-up Hokie birds.

As we merged onto Main Street I couldn’t resist taking this one. Exhibit B: extreme-Hokie’ed-out-truck. I love extreme-Hokie’ed-out-trucks.

Upon arriving at Grandma Helen’s house, it was time to fill up the tank. Meaning Lance was hungry and needed to be fed. So we fed him.

After which he gave us the ole six toothed smile.

Then the festivities began. Enter Rachel!

Enter Sally and Rachel! The day was off to a great start. Maroon was everywhere.

Enter Mary Helen and Sophia! More maroon.

After awhile we took the party outdoors, despite some chilly temps. Another aspect of a new kind of Game Day involves me enjoying an adult beverage in one hand and a baby monitor in the other hand. And MH and Sally having a staged conversation in the background. Times have changed.

Back inside Jan sneaked in a kiss. Hey, what’s with the orange!?

Enter Matt and Jason. These crazy Game Dayers were ready to roll!

About two hours later Sally and I managed to get both babies awake, fed, and ready to go (more maroon). You can see the excitement in Lance’s eyes for his first Lane Stadium tailgate.

Then you can see the “fake” smile look in his eyes. One that says, “hurry up and take this picture, Mom” through clenched teeth. Babies these days.

So I did what any Mom would do, I took more pictures… At this point he is definitely trying to get away from me. Or go find Sophia… one or the other.

Now three hours later, we are outside, bundled and ready to make our best attempt at getting to Lane Stadium before everyone else went into the stadium and Sally, babies, and I returned to the warmth of the house and the splendor of a 14″ TV. Again, times have changed.

These babies are Hokie’ed out just about as much as that truck in Exhibit B.

Game face.

Our trek would require a little stroller off-roading…

For the sake of our reputation and the sake of your sore eyes, I omitted the crazy pictures of us heaving our strollers up a bank and onto the Huckleberry Trail, then down a flight of stairs to get onto a sidewalk and around a fence. Let’s just say the “safety first” principle was applied, but it wasn’t pretty. Clemson fans were solicited for help and onlookers gawked. Hey, you do what you have to do on Game Day.

In the end… We made it!

We somehow managed to find Jan on his way back from a bathroom break just into to snap a Petrich family photo, but he couldn’t stay long since the others were just out of ahead of him.

It was somewhat of a bummer that despite all of our effort we didn’t really have any time to tailgate outside of Lane Stadium, but at this point it was raining. We were cold. The babies were ready to go home. So off we went. We took a different route home. A much easier-more-normal route.

We saw extreme tailgaters.

Then we did what new Mommies do… we had a photo shoot! Starting with a self-portrait of, well, ourselves when we got back to the house.

Then we took pictures of Sophia and Lance. Lance tackled Sophia.

Then he admired Sophia.

Then he tried to strong-arm Sophia.

Then he took her toy, which she was totally not cool with.

And alas, they were friends again. Because as Sally and I discussed, whether they like it or not they are going to have to be friends and play together a lot in the years to come!

Before we left Blacksburg the next day (and tried to forget about the loss), we made a visit to The Tracy’s, our favorite family in town. Fiona gave Lance a bottle. The four boys (not shown) entertained. Rachel & I wore our “Forever Lazy” outfits. Stayed tune, I will write about that one tomorrow or Friday.

Indeed it was a different kind of Game Day this past weekend, but different in a good way. We love our Hokie babies, and they will forever be more important than a Hokie win. Why did you have to do that to us Clemson?! That’s two.

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