Please. Don’t hold the applause.

The following video shows Lance applauding. Let me rephrase… the following video shows Lance ENTHUSIASTICALLY applauding.

I love this short video because, to me, it is five seconds of pricelessness. Pricelessness? Yes, pricelessness, even it is not a word, which I am pretty sure it isn’t…

Moving on.

Lance started clapping at around six months old. A new-found trick that he never got tired of doing.  It was great. He gave me applause no matter what I was doing or what I looked like, even on the scary no shower, no make-up days.

No one has ever given me applause like this before (has anyone EVER applauded me?!). It was uplifting. It was unconditional. I never felt like a better Mother. Hey, if he was giving me applause I must being doing something right. Yes? No? YES.

I shot the video in early September and now that he is (gasp!) crawling, he prefers not to lie on his back like this anymore. Surprise, surprise. But I happened to have my camera nearby, a lucky moment, while he was chillin’ on the floor… and then he did… THIS:

Please. Don’t hold the applause. You make me feel wonderful, baby boy.

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