New trick; no treats

This year for Halloween Lance did not partake in his first sugar high, but he did learn a new trick.

Much to our liking, we are so far able to shield him from the plethora of candy that is always flying around this time of year.

Despite his candyless day, he did dress up for Halloween and even learned a new trick.

First, his costume.

When I bought the costume I thought it was a mouse. Then the two elementary school girls in my neighborhood vetoed my assumption.

“It is a monkey costume,” they adamantly said.

You decide for yourself. Is he a mouse or a monkey?

What does the tail say? Mouse or monkey? Monkey or mouse?

We prefer to call him a mousemonkey. Or a little brown creature with big ears, fur, and a tail. Oh and do not mind the white cat in the background — not ours, but her name is Kennedy and she rules the world in our neighborhood. You never know when she might show up on your porch. She’s elusive like that, and we totally dig her porch hopping personality.

At any rate, I took our little mousemonkey to four of our neighbor’s houses to wish them a Happy Halloween. Of course, Lance could not have any of the candy, but Jan & I made out pretty good.

The day after Halloween Lance learned  a new trick.

We call it the “Hallo in a bucket” trick. You may just call it (mouse)monkey-see, (mouse)monkey-do, but we call it “Hallo in a bucket.” Jan taught him this new trick, and it ate up about twenty minutes last night. We shall see if our mousemonkey is up for another round tonight.

Enjoy the clip!

And happy November!!

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