Simple math

Last week during a two-mile run, I start thinking about what percentage of the run I had completed at each quarter mile. Not so tough, right?

At the first quarter mile I was 12.5% done… at the half mile marker I was 25% done… at the three quarter mile marker I was 37.5% done, etc… I am not sure how or why I got into playing this simple mathematical game, but it seemed to keep my mind busy while I was running.

Today during my two-miler I got back on the math train. At the half mile marker I thought, I am half-way to the half-way mark. At the one mile marker I thought, I am half-way done. At the one and a half mile marker I thought, I am half-way back from the half-way point and a half a mile from the finish line. I guess this is not really math since each quarter mile is marked on the trail, but it seemed like math in my head with all of the 1/2’s.

Maybe I am bored with running. Since I am no longer TRIing to train for anything, I have lost a little bit of my gusto. For almost the entire month after completing my first mini-tri I did not run too much. Post-race let down? Probably.

Then a few weeks ago I started running again… mostly two milers, the occasional three miler, and one four miler. This seems to be enough for me lately. These short jaunts keep my mind clear (or at the very least doing math), raise my heart rate, and keep me from engaging in one of my worst habits — cigarette smoking on my back porch. Running and smoking do not exactly coalesce. When I am running, I am not smoking. When I am smoking, I am not running. Oh the vices we create for ourselves.

I am actually thinking about giving up running (and smoking) between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. I think I have done enough TRIing in 2011 so I might take the rest of the year off, but we will see how that goes.

Now… if you have been wondering how my exercise routine has been going lately, I hope you feel caught up. I will keep you posted on whether or not I actually take the aforementioned break or not. At the very least, I will continue doing pilates once a week to stay toned.

For now, I am only left to wonder what fraction of the last hour it took me to write this blog entry? I guess I am off to do more math. Maybe next week during my run I can start thinking of ways to solve Fermet’s Last Theorem… riiiigghhhhttt… I would have to run forever, and we all know that the percentage of that happening is zero πŸ™‚

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