Meet Madeleine!

On October 1, 2011 my niece, Madeleine Noel Long, was born.

On October 22, 2011 I got to meet her for the first time via Face Time. Look how high-tech she is!

Then on November 17, 2011 I finally got to meet Madeleine in person when we traveled to Pennsylvania to meet her. I took many pictures. Many, many…

Here are some of my favs:

The Long’s

Mommy Marisa and Daddy Keefe are doing an amazing job with their sweet bundle of joy, even though she keeps them awake at various times during the night.

Cousin Lance took to Madeleine right away. Well, actually, we are not totally sure if he noticed her, but we’d like to consider them fast friends.

Uncle Mark was able to swing by a brief visit, which was fortunate since we will not get to see each other over the holidays.

Watch out folks — the Long’s are multiplying!

Uncle Mark makes for a good babysitter.

The next day, Mom and Grandma Shirley (G.S.) showed up to join the fun.

Mom was pretty much in her glory all weekend considering she has had to wait until 2011 to finally be a grandmother. We thinks she likes her new role.

G.S. takes on her role as great-grandma (or G.G.S) with enthusiasm. Lance and Madeleine are numbers nine and ten respectively on the great-grandchildren count. Her resume is exploding with experience.

On a side note, and unrelated to Madeleine, I have to include a G.S. blooper of the weekend. Since she is 85 years old she tends to say or do something funny during family gatherings. Last weekend, she did not disappoint us.

The story goes like this…

Marisa & I were in the kitchen making tacos. When Marisa got out the hard and soft-shelled tacos she started taking orders around the room to see who wanted hard, who wanted soft, and how many everyone planned to eat. That way she could heat up the proper amount.

Pretty much everyone was paying attention as she posed this simple question. Everyone except G.S. that is. And it’s not because she cannot hear. She wears a hearing aid, but sometimes she gets so wrapped up in her “activity bag” (think knitting, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc.) that she doesn’t always pay attention. Additionally, even though she wears the hearing aid sometimes she does not always hear accurately. Accurately being the key word.

So when Marisa got to G.S. and asked, “hard shells or soft shells?”, G.S. responded first by saying, “What?!” and then by yelling out, “Tartar Sauce!” in an attempt to act like she knew what was going on.

Everyone burst out laughing, including G.S. even though she had no idea what was so funny.

Maybe you had to be there (or know G.S.), but it was a typical G.S. moment. And that is why we love having her around. Comic relief at its best.

Back to Madeleine.

That same day Jan flew in from Los Angeles and was able to meet Madeleine and join the party. Seriously, we cannot believe how small Madeleine is compared to big boy Lance. Was he ever really THAT small?!

Right now, the age disparity between Lance and Madeleine seems huge. He is crawling all over the place and she pretty much just chills and takes up space, but we know that soon they will be partners in crime. This time next year and they will both be in motion. Yikes!

But for now… they are just babies. Sweet, sweet babies.

In other news Keefe and Marisa are getting on just fine with their new roommate. Madeleine keeps them on theirs toes, but they are enjoying her and doing all of the things new moms and dads do.

In addition to taking care of Madeleine day and night, Marisa spends her time opening gifts that tend to pour in right after you have your first baby. Indeed, everyone loves to buy for a baby. (Note Lance destroying the tissue paper. Christmas should be fun).

In Keefe’s spare time, he continues to watch football, only now he has a mini-companion. Oh Madeleine, you are destined to become a Bills fan… you just don’t know it yet.

When he is not watching football he is… wait… you are never going to believe it… yes, changing diapers!! What a guy. I loved watching my brother change diapers. His huge hands trying to secure a diaper on her tiny hiney was priceless.

In an attempt not to exploit Madeleine in her debut in my blog, I called upon photo shop accordingly.

All and all, Keefe and I are in total wonderment of our new kiddos. Two-thousand and eleven has definitely been an unforgettable year.

Before leaving on Sunday I had a few precious moments to rock with both babies — my son and my niece. In closing, and since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am SO thankful for both of them.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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