A pair of jeans that fit just right

Every woman loves a pair of jeans that fit just right. Simple, but true. Even guys love a pair of well fitting jeans. Zak Brown says so in his country song, Chicken Fried… “You know I like my chicken fried… a cold beer on a Friday night… a pair of jeans that fit just right… and the radio up…”

The hard part is that finding said pair of jeans is often difficult. Yet when we find a pair, the ones that fit just right, we triumph in unabashed glory. Yesterday, I found a new pair of jeans that will keep me basking in glory for awhile.

Allow me to tell you a little bit about my find, which is a ridiculous tale of a conflicted decision that resulted in a surprise happy ending.

Let me begin with a little background on the history of jeans that have found their way into my closet. In junior high and high school I was a Gap jeans kinda girl. In college I discovered J Crew jeans (that nowadays I cannot afford), Silver jeans, Express jeans, Calvin Klein jeans and other unknown names and styles I cannot remember. A few years later I owned the likes of Old Navy jeans, Jag jeans, and again trusty old Gap jeans. I bought jeans at anywhere from name brand stores to TJ Maxx to Marshalls to Target.

Recently my favorite jeans have been a pair of Ann Taylor jeans I got a few years ago while living in Blacksburg. They were the jeans, the ones that fit just right, that I wore on a regular basis. Lately though I have noticed them looking rather worn and have become tired of wearing them all the time. The time has come for a new pair of jeans.

Having an infant in tow does not exactly make trying on jeans an easy task. Regardless, trying on jeans in general is not an easy task. Usually I grab about 10 pairs of jeans off the rack because, really, that is about the number of jeans you need to try on to find a pair you actually like. And sometimes you still come up empty handed or end up with a pair that are just “ok”. Finding jeans is difficult, which is why if we have one pair in our closet that fit just right we are thankful. And we where them everyday.

Yesterday in rare moment of shopping solo, I started my hunt for a pair of jeans. I had the pleasure of shopping all afternoon with no time restraints… in Los Angeles, CA I might add where the selection of stores is plentiful. Jan & I are on a little get-away sans Lance (sniff, sniff) and are here to attend his company’s Christmas party on Saturday night. So yesterday while Jan was working, and in an attempt to stay busy and not think about how much I am missing my baby, I found a mall. Shopping: A cure-all.

The first store I came upon was Express. I have not been in an Express for years, but I thought I’d give it a try since I used to wear their jeans way back when. Let’s just say it did not go well. All of the styles and cuts seemed to be made for teenage girls and not Mom’s in their thirties. I felt like a wannabe 17-year-old in a pair of thigh hugging, butt smashing, weathered jeans with gems on the back pockets. I quickly moved on.

Eventually I found a Gap, and even though I thought I was taking the easy way out turning to my old trust worthy brand, I quickly found that Gap does not have the huge selection of jeans they used to. At least not in the Gap I found. Dismayed I moved on and came upon Urban Outfitters, but all of their jeans were much too funky for my style. Anthropologie was next and all of their jeans were out of my price range so I didn’t even bother trying any on. Moving on I saw a Lucky Jeans store. Ohhhh I thought… they have cool jeans, and even though expensive, I guess it would not hurt to take a peak.

Alas in the back corner I found a pair I thought looked like they might work. Boot cut, slightly weathered and, overall, a handsome pair of jeans with a modest design across the back pockets. With no expectation I conservatively grabbed two different sizes… one pair of regulars and one pair of longs in each size. The regulars were too short, the longs were just right, but the size was too big. Without even looking at the price tag I found a smaller size in longs. Adrenaline pumping, I returned to the dressing room and pulled them up over my rump. It was a match made in heaven. I wanted these jeans. Badly.

Holding my breath I looked at the price tag… $99 dollars. Ugg. Ugg. Ugg. Call me cheap, but I cannot justify paying over around $60 for a pair of jeans. If I can find them for $40-$50 even better. I always look for jeans on sale and rarely pay full price. I have always been like this. My best find ever was a pair of jeans I bought at Target for $1.98. No joke. I will be talking about those jeans for years to come.

But now here I was… in a pickle… $99 jeans in hand. You know the feeling right? Rationally, I knew I should put them back on the rack and beat feet as fast and as far away from the store as possible. But then the other part of me, the little devil circling above my head was screaming, “Get ’em! Do it now! You need to have them!”

What is worse, this time of year I have a particularly hard time justifying how I could possibly pay $99 for a pair of jeans when I am supposed to be buying Christmas gifts for other people and not indulging in my own desires. Nonetheless, I needed a pair of jeans and have been shopping for a pair of jeans for awhile now… the predicament lingers…

As I was pondering my decision and putting the ones that did not fit me back on the hangers I noticed that one of the pairs said $79.50. What?! They were the same jeans, but had a $20 price difference. My heart skipped a beat. A glimmer of possibility awakened. I was now seriously considering that the jeans might be mine afterall. What to do… what to do…

I thought of Jan. I would feel guilty for buying them, even though I know he probably would not lose too much sleep over it and simply say, “Our credit card is going to catch on fire.” In the end though, he probably would not berate me too much. But still… I felt guilty. I didn’t REALLY need them afterall. The four or five pairs I currently have in the rotation are certainly sufficient. But I have had most of them for years and really wanted a new pair in the line-up. A pair that fit just right.

Finally, I made a decision. If I could get them for $79.50 I would splurge and suck-up the fact that I was paying rougly $20 over my price range. After all I was in L.A. and treating myself to a little shopping at stores that I do not have access to in Danville. I deserved them. Right? Every woman’s famous last words…

At the check-out counter I brought the price discrepany to the clerks attention. “Oh,” she said, “We were told to change all the prices to $99. This pair must have been overlooked.”

This seemed slightly unfair to me and without actually saying anything to her I communicated my distain. I think she read the look on my face. Or maybe she sensed that I was not going to pay $99 for them and she still wanted to make a sale. Either way she said, “You know what, I will honor the $79.50 price because it is our error.”

Justice is served!

I got out my wallet and handed her my credit card as quickly as I could before I lost my nerve. Then to my astonishment, when she rang up the total she said, “$64.56 please.”

What!? I did not question her and quickly signed the receipt.

When I left the store and looked at the receipt I realized they were 25% off. Wahooooooo! I left the mall with a pair of jeans that fit just right, and I am wearing them today with sweet satisfaction. My first pair of Lucky jeans were a lucky find. I love a good sale.

Later when Jan & I are driving up the Pacific Coast Highway basking in the California sunshine, I think I’ll sing the lyrics to Chicken Fried in my new jeans. Because it is true… having a pair of jeans that fit just right is a simple pleasure. And after all, it is the simple things that really count and make us the happiest in life.

Satisfied in California,

The Banter Lady

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5 thoughts on “A pair of jeans that fit just right

  1. Britta the Banter Lady –

    My colleague and I were just discussing the trials and tribulations of a good pair of jeans the other day! We were commenting on how difficult it is to find that perfect pair, that exact fit, that great pair of every day jeans! You can go into a store and grab four different styles in four different sizes and still come out empty handed. You can go to Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic (all sister companies) and try on a size 6 in each only to realize in Old Navy they are too small, Gap they fit just right and Banana they are too big. My lovely colleague was telling me that Fashion Bug has shapes along with sizes on their jeans. I circle is for a big-booty girl, a triangle is for a pear shape and a rectangle is for a no-hip (non-mama) type. Interesting concept!

    In other news – I have to commend you for your purchase. When in Rome….. or when in LA…..SHOP! I’m glad you found your fit! I’m sure you look like a smokin’ hot college girl in them too! 🙂

    • Thanks, Casey. You made me think of one other brand I’ve had… Banana Republic. Oh and I just thought of another… Espirit. I am sure I could keep going… but I’ll stop now. Good luck in your next jeans purchase and may they fit just right.

  2. Wish I could find a bra that fit just right…Glad you got “Lucky” with your jeans and can’t wait to hear all about your trip:)
    Miss you!

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