Redondo Beach run

Last week in L.A. Jan & I hardly knew what to do without Lance during our free time on Saturday morning before the Christmas party. Soooo… we did what we used to do together on weekends before he was born… we went for a run!

For the first time about a year and a half we tied our shoes and hit the trail… together… as opposed to taking turns being on Lance duty.

Twas a nice morning. The scenery was calming, and even though we were huffing and puffing, it was impossible to complain. We ran along the Pacific Coast, specifically Redondo Beach, and enjoyed the clear blue sky & mild temps.

Post-run we drove up to Manhattan Beach for brunch, then walked along the ocean in the California sunshine. Toes in the sand… not a care in the world.

This week we are back home. Ten days until Christmas. Eight days until we are off on our next adventure.

Destination? Deutschland.

Next week I will try to write about Christmas to get myself  fully in the Christmas spirit. Being in all of that sunshine in December made it a little difficult 😉 But no complaining…

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying the festive snowflakes that should be fluttering around on my site.

Tis the season!

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