2011: Lance’s year of travel in review

Farewell 2011!

Hello 2012!

For many people, as one year comes to an end and another year begins, it is a time of great reflection. Therefore, I thought I would take a look back at 2011 through the places Lance has traveled to during the past year.

He was born on January 6, 2011, and when he was born I had no idea what his first year would be like and could not have imagined how much traveling he (and Jan & I) would do. It has been an outstanding year — one I am very, very thankful for.

I am dedicating this post to Lance’s 2011 year of travel in review. Brace yourself — he has done a significant amount of traveling!

As you read, I hope you appreciate and notice how much he has grown and developed throughout the last year… from first bath to first smile to first tooth to first laugh to first clap to first crawl to first cruise to first word to first holidays to first (almost!!) step. As each milestone was reached, a new trip seemed to surface… let’s take a look.

Lance’s first road trip was to Blacksburg, VA to meet the Tracy’s in early March. He was two months old.

Cousin Fenton read him a story.

Mommy & Lance snuck in a second trip to Blacksburg at the end of March, but sadly I do not have any pictures from this trip. Lance got to see the campus of Virginia Tech for the first time as well as visit with the Tracy’s again.

Next up: Richmond, VA in mid-April. Lance got to meet Sally and go to her baby shower (he was the only boy there!).

At the end of April/beginning of May, Lance made his first trip to Coudersport, PA. Here he is with G.G.S, Aunt Googie, Mommy, and Granny downtown at the Maple Festival.

Later in May it was back to Blacksburg for more action at the Tracy’s. Boy party!

Over Memorial Day he went to Gaithersburg, MD to see the Green’s. Yay, more cousins! And look at that big boy sitting up with the help of his Bumbo.

In June he made a week long trip with Oma and Opa to Gettysburg, PA, Milton, PA, and Reading, PA. He got to meet many more family members and go to cousin Crystal’s wedding.

At just over six months old, he was back in Richmond, VA to meet Sophia, his little Hokie girlfriend. Welcome Sophia!

Later in July, it was back to Gaithersburg, MD again so Mommy & Daddy could go to a wedding while he stayed with his cousins. Still growing…

He almost stayed home the entire month of August, but squeaked in another trip to Blacksburg at the very end of the  month. Can you find Lance in this picture?

In September it was off to Chatham, NJ so Mommy could compete in her first mini-triathlon. Auntie Lauren gave him a bath!

After that he headed over to Coudersport, PA again by way of Milton, PA. He’s all smiles at Vader Hill.

The first weekend in October he was off to Blacksburg (again!). We got to see the Lacy’s and the Tracy’s (again!). Hey, I kinda like the sound of that… Lacy’s and Tracy’s… Boy we are having fun now!

In mid-October he boarded his first plane and left the country for Aruba. He got to see and swim in the ocean for the first time and attend another wedding.

In mid-November it was back on the open road. Destination: South Port, NC. He got to see the ocean again and play in a box with Grandpa.

Later in November he headed north again… this time to Reading, PA to meet cousin Madeleine and spend more time with Uncle Mark, Uncle Keefe, and Aunt Marisa.

For Thanksgiving it was off to Blacksburg, VA… AGAIN! He got to party and eat with his cousins.

In December, at eleven months old, he was headed to Coudersport, PA again. He got to meet Nicole, Violet and Reed this time.

Lance’s last trip of 2011… the grand finale if you will… was to Germany! Not quite yet old enough for a beer, but still able to join the fun.

Not a bad year of travel, ehh? And this list does not even include the day trips Lance took… twice to Greensboro, NC, twice to Roanoke, VA, and once to Smith Mountain Lake, VA.

Here are a few highlights from his year of travel…

He went to two weddings.

He saw the ocean twice.

He has been to five states (six of you include driving through West Virginia).

He rode on six airplanes.

He has been to two countries outside the United States.

He got two stamps in his passport.

He traveled approximately 25,000 miles.

Most importantly, he got to meet all of his great-grandparents, grandparents, great-aunts and uncles (except one), aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, other distant relatives, and many, many, many friends along the way.

Without a doubt, Lance is my traveling man and best little guy… always up for the next trip.

Jan & I might be crazy for all the travel we do, but we love it (and we love our families who we travel to see) and are so glad Lance seems to like it, too. Surprisingly, we have absolutely zero trips planned so far for 2012. I am sure a trip or two to PA will pop up and perhaps another trip to Germany, but for now we are resting at home and starting the New Year quietly.

We returned to Virginia from Germany last night after an 18-hour trip door-to-door. Mama is weary.

But who knows (!?) maybe by tomorrow I will already be planning Lance’s next trip… 😉

Signing off from Danville… and wishing you a wonderful 2012…

The Banter Lady

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4 thoughts on “2011: Lance’s year of travel in review

  1. Looks like Lance (and Mommy and Daddy) had a great year, I hope Baby Gledhill’s first year has so many memorable experiences!! And don’t forget that Lance was 1 of 3 baby boys at my wedding!! I was so happy to have Lance, Ronnie and Brody in attendance…do we have a pic of the 3 little men together?!?!

    • You are getting closer, Tiff! This year — how exciting! Don’t think I have a picture of all three babies at your wedding, but that would have been so cute.

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