Evolution of my one-year-old


My baby is one today. How did this happen?! Everyone says it goes by quickly, and it is true. I seriously feel like I was just pregnant, walking around with a basketball belly and a gargantuas appetite.

All week I have been trying to figure out how all of the sudden my widdle baby turned into a one-year old big boy. Heck — some days I am still processing that fact that I have a baby!?!

After racking my brain and trying to recount where the time has gone and how it is possible that today I have a one-year-old, I came up with the following explanation:

It all started with this little girl…

plus this little boy…

who got hitched and became this…

which resulted in this fierce looking pregnant woman…

who produced this (ok, let’s go ahead and call him Lance) on January 6, 2011…

that 12-months (or 365 days, whichever you prefer) later evolved into this…

I still am not totally sure how he became a one-year old so quickly, but this is the best explanation I could come up with on a Friday morning.

Happy 1st birthday, Lance Robert Petrich — Mommy loves you!

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