List of 12

In last week’s post I got caught up in writing in lists. This week I am still caught up in writing in lists — they are just so wonderful — so again, I am writing in list fashion. A list of 12 if you will… 12 updates/thoughts since last week.


1. I finished reading The Help. I bawled like a baby at the unfair ending. What will become of Mae Mobley now that Aibileen is gone? Did Minny keep working for Miss Celia? Why oh why did snobby Miss Hilly get her way? How did Skeeter like New York? Her new job?

So many questions I still have… but a poignant ending, nonetheless. Thank goodness times have changed…

2. The Girl Who Kicked the Horne’ts Nest was finally available at the library this week. I am already several chapters in and annoying Jan with my “I cannot put this book down, please try to talk to me later, and do not ask me to turn off my reading light again” looks. Good thing he loves me.

3. Lance is still toting around his stuffed animal Lenny and giving him tackle-style hugs, but I was unsuccessful in capturing it on video. It’s gotten even cuter, too. He now totes around Pittiplatsch, another stuffed animal from Germany. Lenny in one hand; Pittiplatsch in the other. They are quite the trio.

4. So far, I have not been to Target at all this month. This is a huge deal. I am normally there several times/week. Let it be documented that I am learning to control myself.

5. My Target fast is in part because we just bought a new computer over the weekend, and I am trying to curtail my Target excursions. I am so excited about the computer that I will never go to Target and spend frivolously ever again if I have to… wait what I am saying?! I will go in moderation. There. That sounds better.

Back to the computer… we went for it and got an iMac. Without sounding too persnickety, allow me to celebrate. We have an iMac!! We have an iMac!! We have an iMac!! Even though I have worked on several different Mac’s at Virginia Tech, this is the first time I have had free reign with one for personal use. And I am in love.

Gone are the days when I turn on the computer and have time to eat breakfast, take a shower, make a few lists, and have a second cup of coffee before it boots up. Gone are the days when I try to write and/or upload pictures and have time to read the paper, pay the bills, make a few more lists, and talk to Rachel on the phone before the page loads. Gone are the days when McAfee’s run scans in the background that slow me down and force me to curse at my computer and drive me to drink.

Here’s to my new love. So far, I have said good morning and good night to it every day since we got it. It’s like I have to stick my head into the guest room and peak at it with admiration, kinda like I do with Lance when he is sleeping. Then I smile to myself and leave feeling complete inside. When it comes to the iMac, my cup runneth over.

6.Lance & I visited the Wise Old Owl yesterday for our weekly visit. We covet our standing date with her every Tuesday at 1 p.m. As always, she told Lance “how adorable” he is, took pictures of him, and gave him his afternoon bottle after he was finished playing in her living room. We love that Wise Old Owl.

7. Seth Meyers is my new favorite co-host on LIVE with Kelly. He is funny, he is cute, he funny, and he is cute. If he is in the running for her new co-host, I am totally on board. Plus, it would be super cool if he got the seat since when I went to the show in September he was the guest co-host.

8. Lately, when Lance gets into things he is not supposed to, he surrenders by holding whatever object he has that he is not supposed to have up to me with innocent looking eyes. For example, yesterday when I went to the bathroom and came out he was trying to open a dirty diaper that didn’t quite make it into the trash. As soon as he heard my footsteps, he held it up with a, “What? I’m not doing anything I am not supposed to be,” look on his face followed by a, “here, I was just picking this up for you,” look as he held it up and handed it over to me. As soon as he hears my footsteps he knows he’s done… that’s right, he knows who the boss is around here.

Note: You may be wondering how a dirty diaper did not make it into the trash. That would be because Jan & I are obsessed with trying to make a basket into the kitchen garbage can from the changing table in Lance’s room. Occasionally, we miss and someone is not always immediately there to get the rebound… until Lance unassumingly comes crawling through. Gross, weird, I know.

9. I still do not have any real defined running goals since last week, but I am thinking about signing up for either a 5K or a 10K in March. We’ll see how the rest of this month and next month go. Since last week I’ve gone on two 3-milers. Not bad for not being particularly motivated and otherwise ambivalent and apathetic lately. I am certain if I sign up for an event that attitude will change b/c once I am committed to something I go for it. I think I’ll sign up. Ok, good. I am glad I am having this conversation with myself.

10.Lately, Lance likes to help me unload the dishwasher. As soon as he hears it open he comes flying into the kitchen and pulls himself up on the door and sticks his little paws right into the bottom shelf and starts to pitch in. After I remove all of the sharp knives from the silverware holder, he begins to hand me the silverware… one fork & one spoon at a time. This usually takes about a half hour, but he never loses interest. It’s the strangest thing… his focus is uncanny. His future wife is going to love me for engaging him in this activity. I would say I have trained him, but it’s kind of something he picked up on his own. When we are done with the silverware, he moves onto bigger items like bowls and plates… a baby man on a mission.

11. Luke is being extra puggish this week. I am not sure why, but he just is and I thought I needed to say something about him since he is sitting by my feet. He sits around all day looking puggish, waiting for Lance to cruise by so he can lick his face. See what I mean? He’s so puggish.

12. I had a conversation with my cousin Crystal last weekend about making lists. She is a list-maker, too. Gosh, it felt so great to talk to someone of my own kind. We related so deeply and profoundly on our list-making ways. We even discovered that we both will add an item to our to-do list if we accomplished it and it was not previously on the list… just for the sole purpose of being able to cross it off our list. I know, it is a condition. But I am glad to know I am not alone.

Making this list of 12 isn’t exactly something I can cross off since it is not a “to-do” list, but I still enjoyed compiling it today. Have a great day!

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5 thoughts on “List of 12

  1. I am not a list maker…would just make me sad to see all those things that I didn’t/couldn’t get to…but perhaps should try your method of adding something that I did do;) I am sure the list would grow much longer than I expected!

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