Reasons why I love my pug

His name is Luke.











He came to live with me from the streets of Blacksburg in 2007 on a cold Thanksgiving Eve.

He has a flat face. And no snout. At all.

He is so ugly he is cute.

Therefore, he does not mind being called Ugly Puggly.

He snores in his sleep.

He knows how to relax.








He usually has a lost, confused, sideways looking “Er?” expression on his face.

He makes me laugh. Everyday.

He makes strangers smile on pug walks. Because he is so odd and cute looking.

He is compact.

He eats really fast.

He appears on T-shirts with the insigne, “Pugs not drugs.”












He appears on greeting cards with the message, “Pugs and Kisses!”

He has googly eyes.

He likes to party… preferably with PBR.

He understands, “Do you want to go?” and obediently waits by the door as soon as someone poses the question.

He is good with children.

He participates in family events.

He never misses a photo op.











Overall, he is quite puggish as defined above, and that is why I love my pug.

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