Walk this way!

A month ago today, Lance took his first step. Since then he has been a walking machine. This is a very exciting milestone — those first little wobbly steps!

I captured some (raw) footage of what the last month has looked like with regard to his newly discovered walking abilities, and in my first attempt at creating an iMovie I produced the following video.

You are going to love it… especially if you can get past the amateur editing and not exactly G-rated lyrics. Just focus on the beat and chorus (“Walk this way!”) of this Aerosmith hit… as well as the preciousness of a brand new walker.

So sit back for two and a half minutes… crank up the volume… and take a look!

[Note cameos of Lenny & Pittiplatsch, Luke the pug, Haley the neighbor girl, and the Wise Old Owl.]

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blogger, picture-taker, diaper-changer, runner

4 thoughts on “Walk this way!

  1. Adorable!! Im very impressed with your film making skills as well. I need some lessons from the creative genius you are becoming.

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