It’s all in the playlist?

As I am sure I have bantered about before, I have very mixed feelings about running while listening to music. During my fiercely focused and determined running days I was so anti-running-with-an-iPod that I even scoffed at those who ran with music. I ran to the beat in my own head and took in everything around me… the scenery, the wind, the sun, the beat of my heart, the sweat dripping from my brow, the sound of each foot hitting the pavement again and again and again. Who needs music I thought? Motivation comes from within, and I certainly do not need music to get me pumped up.

Then I became pregnant, had a lull in competitive training, had Lance, recovered, and started running again… and suddenly discovered I needed something to help me find my stride again… something to motivate me… something to get me pumped up. Alas, I ate my own words and turned to my iPod. Although I still have mixed feelings about using music while running I do enjoy it. Running with music allows me to go to new far away places, and it absolutely makes the time fly. I do not use my iPod for every run — I still like to take in the sights/sounds around with the type of self-awareness that does not come from my ear buds — but on those days when I know I need a little boost to get me through the next mile I am more than happy to turn to my iPod for support.

When I was training for a mini-triathlon last summer I shared a few of my playlists. Here is what yesterday’s 27-minute playlist looked like:

1. Crazy by Gnarls Barkley

2. Somebody told me by The Killers

3. Shine by Collective Soul

4. Janie’s got a gun by Aerosmith

5. Hook by Blues Traveler

6. Higher by Creed

So yesterday it was in fact, “All in the playlist,” but tomorrow might be different. Who knows?!

Stayed tuned for next week’s guest post from my friend and fitness guru, Luke (not to be mistaken for Luke-the-pug). He will write about ways to stay motivated to work-out. I am hoping this will help with my latest motivational slump — he is seriously one of the most motivated people I know. My new goal is to run three days/week (as opposed to the two I am doing now) and continue doing pilates once/week. We’ll see if what he has to say will help me achieve this goal as well as help me get motivated about running my next 5K on March 10.

Have a great day!

Sincerely yours,

The Banter Lady

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2 thoughts on “It’s all in the playlist?

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