Motivation Matters

This week I am very pleased to share a guest post from my good friend and fitness guru, Luke Moore. I have been looking for ways to improve my motivation toward some of my fitness goals, and Luke’s expertise provides insights into unlocking the secret of creating fitness goals and keeping yourself motivated along the way. During a run over the weekend, his tips are already changing my mindset. 

Here is what he has to say:

Ever lose motivation to work out? Choose chips and soda over water and treadmill? Of course, we all do – once in a while. The problem starts when we ALWAYS choose channel surfing over exercise. These motivational-sucking choices start to interfere with our entire lives. Before we know it depression, stress, fatigue, and feeling miserable set in. I have a solution!

Reversing or preventing lost motivation starts with setting a fitness goal. The process of setting a fitness goal, scheduling workouts, and goal achievement can transform us. The type of fitness goal is not critical, but I suggest training for a specific local event. A 5k run is a great place to start. Setting an event as a fitness goal provides the extra motivation of a time deadline. Without the specific date, it is much easier to skip workouts.

The process works! Two years ago I was a little depressed, lost, bored with my workouts, and overweight.  I set a fitness goal and started training for a 10k run. After an 8-week program I finished the 10k in 51 minutes and have not looked back. Since then I have run in several 5k and 10k events, a 111 mile bike race, and a triathlon. Right now I am training for the 2012 Ironman Triathlon in Boise, ID. Setting and achieving fitness goals can reset your life.

Since we all know that Britta loves writing lists in her Banter, here is a list of reasons why you need to set a fitness goal in order to stay motivated:

1. Adding Life Purpose

Do you drone through your week on autopilot? Feel like you are busy going from chore-to-chore?  Never do anything for yourself? If you said yes to any of these you need a fitness goal. Fitness goals are all about us. It may sound selfish but we need these goals. They help us stay motivated and add purpose to our lives.

Life purpose can come in many other ways, but it starts with a healthy body and healthy mind. Without these you cannot fully enjoy the other things in life. We should be a little selfish, set a fitness goal, and begin a fitness program that helps add purpose to our life.

2. Reducing Stress

Exercise is a great stress relief. Whether it is a jog in the woods or an intense session on a heavy bag, it can release stress. Setting scheduled workouts provides us with the constant stress relief we need to achieve a healthy body and healthy mind.

3. Clearing our Mind

You have time to think about anything during your workouts. Whether it is doing simple math calculations in your head like Britta, or thinking about your perfect life, the possibilities of your thoughts are endless. Thinking freely during exercise is extremely liberating. Let your mind wander during your workouts.

4. Proving a Point

Proving a point is similar to adding purpose. It is proving a point to ourselves and others that we can do whatever we want in life. By running a 5k or half-marathon we prove that we can overcome challenges, maintain focus, and reach a goal. It helps build our self-image and changes or mindset.

5. Feeling Success

It may have been a long time since you have felt success. Maybe it has been several years, a decade, or longer. Success is something we need in life. It is a great feeling that makes the endorphins race and chest expand. Stand a little taller and make success plentiful in your life.

6. Looking Good

We all want to look good and have a positive self-image. Setting and achieving fitness goals allows us to accomplish this. We need to make fitness a priority, eat a healthy diet, and make ourselves a priority once in a while.

Fitness goals can improve our Life! Take the time to set a fitness goal, maybe a 5k, and start scheduling a few workouts per week. Let’s add purpose to our life, make some time for ourselves, and feel the success of crossing the finishing line.

If you would like more motivational tips, learn how to set fitness goals, or follow me on my road to Ironman Boise  check  out my website – Ultimate Fitness Goal.

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