Livin’ in a bloggy blog world

Well it is unanimous… based on the poll I took last week, 100% of the readers think I should keep that Banter rollin’ as is… writing about a culmination of topics including Mommyhood, exercise, Luke-the-pug, feature stories, etc. I can live with this. I actually like having an array of categories to write about. Indeed, variety is the spice of life.

Taking this little poll got me thinking about blogs in general. In case you have not noticed, blogs are EVERYWHERE and continually popping up all over the Internet. Blogs about food, photography, writing, life, books, do-it-yourself (DIY) ideas, gardening, musings, travel, children, exercise, and much more are all the rage. For example, today alone Freshly Pressed boasted “The best of 470,723 bloggers,920,259 new posts, 1,145,437comments, & 177,014,071 words posted today on,” and counting! That is a bundle… a boatload… a bunch (pick your noun) of blogging.

The word “blog” is even in the dictionary! The dictionary (2012) definition of the word blog (n.) is “a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.”

If you do a google search of the word “blog” the first five hits are:

1. Blogger: Create your free Blog

2. Blog – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

3. — Get a Free Blog Here

4. Official Google Blog

5. — What’s your story?

This just goes to show you that anyone can create a blog and anyone can learn how to create a blog. The information is out there, but the trick is deciding on what you want to blog about, how you want to frame or brand your blog, and then finding those sites out there in the Internet-sphere that will help you achieve your goals. The next trick is getting followers and email subscribers (aka an audience) who will read your blog. In an era of information overload, starting a blog can be somewhat overwhelming if you do not have the right resources. These are areas I am still working out in my own blog.

I began my blogging journey in July 2011 for the shear fact that I love to write, and I wanted to find a hobby I could engage in (alongside my stay-at-home-Mommy duties) that would challenge me to write regularly and learn something new. I also wanted to be able to share stories about my little my Lance that my family from afar (mostly Pennsylvania and Germany) could enjoy and feel more connected to their grandson, nephew, cousin, etc. Who knew that in a matter of months my vocabulary would include words like dashboard, widget, themes, domains, and akismet? WordPress, the content management system (CMS) I use to host my posts, has allowed me to showcase some of my best writing to an audience of family and friends.

In addition to maintaining my own site, I subscribe (either via email or RSS feed) to about a dozen blogs. I also peruse blogs at random when I have time. I do not read them everyday, but I check to see what is new about once/week. Reading other blogs keeps me informed about what others are blogging about, gives me ideas, and generally entertains me.

I have learned that some people make money, some archive special moments with regard to children, that there are many Mama blogs out there, food blogs, photography blogs, and creative blogs. You name it… there is a blog about it. Even though I am yet to officially drink the Pintrest kool-aid (meaning I do not have an account) I am familiar enough to know that many of the ideas pinned link back to a blog where the original ideas were published. This in turn creates traffic on the blog. It’s a savvy little business, and one I am learning more and more about… one post at a time. As a wanna-be writer I am still researching and trying to find my niche and get a little piece of the pie (aka earn some side $).

At this point, I am by no means a blog expert, but I do think I could teach others how to start and maintain a basic blog. That in itself is an accomplishment and pushes me to keep learning more. Just over the last week and a half I have been experimenting hard-core with my blog… showcasing a guest post, a poll, and a reblog post (in case you are wondering what the DIY alphabet nursery frame was all about… I saw it on another blog and thought it repost worthy, and since I could not “pin” it (remember, haven’t drank the kool-aid yet), I reposted it as a means to remember and share.

The list ways get creative with a blog is endless, and as much fun as I am having with all of these new options, it is time to get back to the regular Banter. Thank you for allowing me to indulge in this experimental and reflective phase of my blogging journey. You can expect more ideas and improvements to come.

But ok, ok… alright, alright… enough about all this bloggy blog blog talk. My next post will most likely be about Lance since it has been almost three weeks since you have seen or heard anything from him. He is practically a grown-up… walking this way… and that way… Well, not really a grown-up… but he does have some new tricks and words (like balllllll and carrrrrr) he would like to discuss.

Until next time… livin’ in a bloggy blog world,

The Banter Lady

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