Favorite February Fotos

I love alliteration. Therefore the title of this post is Favorite February Fotos and will focus on Little Lance’s Lively Life Last month.

We officially weaned Lance off the bottle. One day he ended up with access to two cups (one milk, one water). Upon this discovery he decided to carry both them around for added security during the transition. Consider this his way of “double-fisting” it during cocktail hour.

Lance now enjoys helping me get dressed in the mornings and of late brings me shoes & bras. This is helpful, but kind of unfortunate for me if these are the only items I am supposed to wear. Oh geez, please do yourself a favor and quickly erase that vision from your memory. Hurry. Thanks.

The second weekend in February we visited Grammy & Grandpa in Southport, NC and took a pleasant, but windy walk on Caswell Beach. Such a big boy!

Spaghetti and meatballs is a new favorite meal. Just look at all that pasta, meaty, and saucy insanity. Obviously, he can hardly contain himself and has absolutely no use for a fork.

Snow finally arrived on February 19. We had fun. It was pretty. It completely melted the next day making it the best snow storm ever. End of story (and winter, I hope).

Jan & I took Lance to Toys R Us for the first time and sprung for a new car for him. I posted this picture on FB and since it was so well received I thought I would include it in this post to see how much mileage I could get out of it. Get it? Mileage. Haha, I am such a funny one today!

Lance’s new favorite outdoor activity is collecting sticks and stones and carrying them around in his orange bucket and/or using the sticks as swords. Getting him to leave them outside usually ends up in a tantrum when we go inside, but while outside he basks in stick glory, tearing up and down the sidewalk. What a menace.

Lance discovered magnetism because I finally decided to put a few magnets down low enough on the refrigerator for him to reach. This is proving to be a mind-blowing phenomenon.

At around 6 o’clock in the evenings when I am running out of ways to entertain Lance I decided I would start training him to watch and wait for Daddy to come home. This blanket is the designated watching and waiting spot. Sometimes he gets bored and tired and has to lay down. Watching and waiting is exhausting when you are one.

And lastly, this is my Favorite February Foto. My sweet little baby boy looking all sweet-ish and baby-ish and boy-ish… or something like that. Whatever. It is my fav foto.

Until next time, a big “Hi”, “Car”, “Ball”, “Happy”, “Mama”, “Papa”, “Night Night”, “Ut-o”, “Moo”, “Up” to you all from Lance, whose language skills and repertoire of words are quite sophisticated these days.

Have a Dandy Day… and alliterate that!

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