Coudersport Madness

Lance and I are in Coudersport… one of the best places I like to visit. March Madness is upon us… one of the best times of the year.

So today I am not writing about just my hometown or just basketball. I am writing about both, which equals Coudersport Madness in my mind. Which makes sense to me. Which should now make sense to you.

Since arriving in Coudersport on Tuesday, here are a few things we have been up to…

1. We’ve seen the usual suspects… my mom, Mark, Dad and Dana, G.S., Aunt Sharie and Uncle Dale, Otto, Harry and Steph. Looking forward to seeing more fam/friends over the next few days.

2. We’ve seen Allison & Lucas. Twice so far! After staring each other down for a few minutes, Lance and Lucas became fast friends. Kind of like their Mommies back at Park United Methodist pre-school in 1983.


3. Lance rode on a John Deere tractor with my Dad. He was completely beside himself and wouldn’t stop vrooooom, vrooooming after that. He also became a magnet to the tractor, specifically the tire.


4. We have hardly worn our jackets. Spring weather abounds us. This makes us happy, especially because Coudersport has been known to be snowy in March. Due to the beautiful weather I was even able to fit in a run yesterday, jogging stroller/Lance in tow and all.

5. We ate subs from Costa’s. Mmmmm. Costa’s grocery store has some major longevity in Coudersport. Gotta love family run businesses that prevail through the years.

6. Lance has inspected just about every rock he can get ahold of in Potter County, even bringing a few into the house and into the car. If we visit you and you find a rock in your home you will know why.

7. We took a walk up Vader Hill in the woods with Uncle Mark and my mom. Gotta love the peace and quietness of back roads. There really is no place like home.


I am sure there is more because Coudersport is a happening place, but let’s talk basketball (in list form) for a moment so I can go to bed.

1. I’ll just cut to the chase — I picked Kansas to win it all.

2. If I am lucky I won’t come in last in the pool I entered. If I am luckier I will beat Keefe and Mark. If I am even luckier I will beat my husband. If I am the luckiest I will… well, I am not sure what I will… but I just wanted to continue the crescendo to the highest superlative of the word lucky.

3. My final four teams are: Kentucky, Louisville, Wisconsin, and Kansas. Don’t laugh. It could happen.

4. I really dig the word “Bracketology.” Go ahead, say it out loud a few times with me… bracketology, bracketology. The word has kind of a catchy ring to it. And it make me wonder, does that make the ESPN sports analysts Bracketologists during March Madness?

5. My toughest pick this year was FSU/St. Bonaventure. Considering my grad degree comes from FSU, I have an automatic allegiance to them. Let me be clear though — not in football, only in basketball. I enjoy Leonard Hamilton, and I enjoy the fact that you can buy beer at the Leon County Civic Center during games in Tallahassee. As for St. Bonaventure, the Bonnies if you will, they are like the home team for me. Only 45 minutes from my hometown, I have always rooted for them. I’ve gone to a handful of games and attended basketball camp there every summer during high school. Many fond memories. So what is a girl to do about this pick? Alma mater vs. Nostalgia. In the end I picked FSU. Don’t let me down Seminoles. Don’t hate me Bonnies.

6. Even though I filled out an online bracket, for me, there is still nothing better than filling out the ole pen & paper bracket. I like to manually cross out and circle my losses and wins. I like to carry around my bracket in my pocket (no smart phone for me). And I like to write my name on the top of my bracket and date it. Must be the archivist in me.


Over the next few days in Coudersport, there will be more family time, play dates, and back roads — let’s wear camo! Over the next few days of March, there will be more madness, mayhem, and upsets — let’s dance!

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3 thoughts on “Coudersport Madness

  1. Banter Lady – this post makes my heart miss Coudy! I wish we were there to reunite with you girls and breathe the fresh Coudy air. Have a great weekend. Take/send lots of pictures please!


  2. Britta,
    I picked Kansas to win it all too, and they’re still in it! I could use a walk up Vader Hill right about now. Work isn’t quite as much fun. Today’s your birthday so I hope you are enjoying every minute. It was great to see all of you in good old Coudersport!
    Aunt Bev

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