Thanks for the bday wishes!

Well hello 32, how are you?? That was the question I kept asking myself in the days leading up to my birthday. Yesterday when it rolled around my answer suddenly became clear. My 32nd year would not be off to a great start. I spent most of the day yesterday intestinally ill from some sort of stomach bug that invaded our house last Friday. Unfortunately, the pukes/poops (cringe) lingered just a little too long, thus causing a pretty ho-hum birthday. I’ll spare the rest of the unappetizing details of how the last few days have gone down and instead send out a very heartfelt “Thank you for the bday wishes!” note to all of my family, friends, and blog followers alike. Consider this my status update.

As we all know, the minute the clock strikes midnight (and sometimes before) on your birthday, your FB wall and phone start blowing up. I love reading all of the texts, posts, cards etc., but find it too difficult to go back and try to comment/respond to every single post/text in a meaningful way. So I today as I regain my strength from the complete (and unenjoyable) body cleanse/detox I’ve had the last few days I am writing this entry as the most personal way I can think of to address how much I appreciate all of the wishes. They definitely gave me a pick-me-up on an otherwise miserable day.

At first I had this vision of taking a few pictures of me holding up signs that said “Thank you” on one and then a “for the” on another and then a “bday” on another and a “wishes!” on the last one and posting a montage of the pictures. But then I decided no one needs to see my pale, pasty face and sleepy, sick eyes today. I’ll have to save that idea for another day… Instead, I’ll post a picture of Luke. He doesn’t get nearly the amount of press he deserves.

Hi Luke. I love your little wrinkled flat face and crazy looking googly eyes. Such a good boy, too.

I feel a little better now. Luke does that to a person.

I am still bummed about all of the fun things I have had to miss out on over the last few days… bowling with JWC, bday drinks with the girls, church, lunch with the Lacy’s, hamburgers on the grill w/ brownies for dessert. It all just pisses me off makes me mad. (Whomp, whomp, whomp). But of course I have managed to find a silver lining, which is… When Jan asked Lance to say Happy Birthday to me yesterday he replied by saying, “Happy, happy.” Good enough for me.

From here on out 32 can only get better. I’m not sure how, but good health would be a nice place to start. Ok, my nutrient-deprived brain is maxed out so once again I will simply say, “Thank you for the bday wishes!” Have a wonderful and healthy spring day! I am heading back to the couch before Lance wakes up… then off to the store to buy more toilet paper and baby wipes. Kidding. Sort of.

Love to all,

The 32-year-old Banter Lady

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2 thoughts on “Thanks for the bday wishes!

    • Awww Britta..I’m so sorry “that” was your birthday!! : ( I certainly hope this weekend brings you better times and health!! Take care. Rachel

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