In the last week…

Nothing too earth shattering to report on this Maundy Thursday… nothing in particular to say… no riveting stories… just some fun across-the-board bantering about a few happenings in the last week.

1. First and foremost, I got well. Bye bye stomach bug. Bye bye birthday blues.

2. I ALMOST won the March Madness pool I entered this year. If Kansas had actually showed (shown?) up and won the NCAA tournament I would have been on my way to Ann Taylor w/ my winnings by now. Darn-it you Jayhawks.

3. My friend’s Mom (love ya, Kathy Nordquist!) emailed me a copy of the picture of Lance she sent to me in my birthday card. This is definitely my new favorite picture. It might have something to do with the Virginia Tech hat, the tie, and the off-to-the-side look.

4. Last Saturday, I ran a 5K with my neighbors at the Goodyear Gold Club in Danville. Despite the rain sprinkles and hilly course I had a great run. We are planning to run another 5K this Saturday on a much flatter course. I am in a good running rhythm at the moment, which pleases me.

5. I added Banff, Canada to the list of places I’d like to visit. LIVE with Kelly is taping in Banff this week, and I am totally intrigued by this town. Dog sledding anyone?

6. My Danville friends still insist that a purse is a “pocketbook.” Pocketbook-schmocketbook. The only women who carry pocketbooks are at least over 80 years old. Right northern friends? Right Grandma? Hehe, I love discovering terminology differences throughout regions in the country. Dinner or supper? Soda or pop?

Ok, I think you have had just about enough of me for today, and since I have no real inkling on how to end my banter I will just stop writing. Starting now.

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