Oma and Opa!

Today is an exciting day in the Petrich household. Oma & Opa arrive from Germany! In fact, in about an hour Lance and I will be Raleigh-Durham bound to pick them up at the airport.

We love getting to see Oma & Opa, and even though our time together will be limited, we always have such a special moments together.

Oma & Opa first got acquainted with Lance when I was 35 weeks pregnant. I remember sitting at the dinner table the night they arrived and eating a piece of chocolate. About five seconds after I swallowed it Lance gave an enormous kick and my belly protruded in an alien-way that only pregnant women can understand. Everyone got to see the kick and we all laughed.

The next time Oma & Opa got to see Lance it was in the flesh. He was six months old and we cherished our summertime visit. We were so glad to have them here for Lance’s baptism,  among other warm summer days.

Then in December of last year it was our turn to travel. We made the trip to Germany for Christmas to see Oma & Opa. Lance was 11 1/2 months old and got his first complete immersion into the language and holiday traditions.

Now Lance is 15 months old and eagerly awaiting another visit with Oma & Opa. We will spend time in Danville for a few days and then head off to the Outer Banks for a week of sun and relaxation.

And although we wish we could see them more often we are so thankful for the time we will have with them over the next two and a half weeks.

Pictures to come.

Auf wiedersehen for now.

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