Cocktail: 30

As I look out my window and type I see rain… bleak, bleak rain. So today I am going to relive last week and pretend I am at the beach again in a place called the Outer Banks (OBX) in a house called Cocktail:30.

Once upon a time (or last week) we rented a beach house in OBX, along with Oma & Opa. Our house, located in Kill Devil Hills, was named Cocktail: 30. That said, as you might imagine, we had a wonderful time… a wonderful, wonderful time.

Not long after arriving we went down to the beach to play…

Beach beach, oh how I love thee… the next two days were all about the beach. We had super, sunshine-filled weather in the high 70’s. We dug in the sand in our bathing suits and dipped our feet in the water, though not for long. Brrrr! The water temps were only somewhere in the 50’s. Nonetheless, I loved being at the beach in the off-season. No crowds. No traffic.

Lance was all about playing in the sand and oh so fun to watch. So were Oma & Opa.

Monday night Jan & I drove back to Danville together and let Oma & Opa have some special, alone time with Lance at the beach. Jan worked both Tuesday and Wednesday, then we drove back to OBX late Wednesday night for the rest of the week. When Lance woke up on Thursday morning and came into our room he was totally fluent in German. Amazing!!

No really though, he is picking up the meaning of words and phrases left and right. Oma & Opa ask him questions in German and he responds with the right answer or action. For example, when they ask him what a cow, cat, or dog say he responds accurately. Fortunately, cows, cats, and dogs speak a universal language so “moo” is still pronounced “moo” (though spelled muhen). He’ll have a lot to sort out in his brain throughout the rest of his life trying to learn two languages, but it is fun watching him interact with Oma & Opa. He doesn’t mind one bit that they only speak German to him. Amazing.

On Thursday the weather cooled down a bit, but we still got out and about to do some sight-seeing and shopping.

Lance even learned how to fly an airplane.

Friday the weather was warm and sunny again. We drove up to Duck and had ice cream with Aunt Joyce while enjoying the Waterfront Shops along Currituck Sound.

Opa went fishing down at Oregon Inlet and came back with something to show for his efforts… a big ole Wahoo. Aka dinner!

As fitting on our last night, we had a feast — fresh fish served with potatoes and veggies and topped off with ice cream. Lucky for us there was even plenty of that big ole fish to freeze and bring home with us for future meals.

The next morning we packed up and loaded the cars. We snapped a few more pictures at Cocktail:30, and on our way out-of-town we made a quick stop at Jockey’s Ridge… it was another beautiful day in OBX.

Too bad it is raining today. Oh well, at least we have the memories… and the pictures… and the Wahoo. As a matter of fact, Opa is planning to cook up another tasty fish dinner tonight. Superb timing, given that I am reliving my week at the beach. Mmmm… that Wahoo is going to taste good tonight at Cocktail:30…

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6 thoughts on “Cocktail: 30

  1. Hey Britta, glad you had a wonderful time – what a great way to spend time with your in laws. Loved the pictures….I can’t believe how grown up Lance is! Maybe one day, we can join you in the Outer Banks!

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