Respect your elders

Last week I had the realization that I have a lot of old people friends in Danville and tend to socialize easily with the elderly. What can I say? Old people are fascinating. I must have inherited this fondness from my Mother who has worked for the Potter County Human Services Area Agency on Aging for over 20 years. She is extremely kind, patient, and gifted with elderly people.

At any rate I got to thinking about my old people friends and a few names came to mind. Obviously there is Charlotte, The Wise Old Owl… then there is Mr. and Mrs. Easley across the street… oh then there is Ursula… and Lois, both from church… the list goes on.

Last weekend we went to Mr. Easley’s 90th birthday party. Mr. Easley is a sweet, old man. He was a P.O.W. and has some pretty amazing stories. Mrs. Easley is also pretty incredible. She is Mr. Easley’s primary caregiver and a tough, hard-working lady. When Mr. Easley sees Lance he likes to kiss his hand; when Mrs. Easley sees Lance she likes to invite us in for a visit. We look at pictures of her great-grandchildren. She is even on Facebook!

The week before the party Lance and I were having our weekly visit with the Wise Old Owl and she wanted to know if we were going to the party. I told her we were and that we’d be happy to drive her if she wanted to come with us. She said that would be great so we made plans to pick her up at 1 p.m. In the meantime my Grandpa Bob called and said he would be driving up from Florida to Pennsylvania over the weekend and wanted to stop to see us. We love hosting him during his long trips up the East Coast so of course we said yes. We thought he might like to come to the birthday party, too, since he is 89 and right up there with many of the guests.

So off we went on Saturday afternoon… Jan, Lance, me, The Wise Old Owl and Grandpa Bob.

When we arrived Mr. and Mrs. Easley were posing for pictures behind a table filled with 13 different kinds of birthday cake. A very special day for them and their family!

Here are Grandpa Bob and The Wise Old Owl at the party. We think they kinda like each other 😉

Eventually Lance tore loose and didn’t seem to mind that all the other guests were a little out of his age range. Here he is during “Happy Birthday” with a balloon and Grandpa Bob’s cane. I guess you could say this was his attempt at fitting in. The elderly people ate it up.

All and all we had a great day. It’s the second 90th birthday party I have attended — the first was for my Grandma Clara — and I hope there are many more 90th birthday parties in my future, including my own someday.

Until next time… respect your elders,

The Banter Lady

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