A red balloon

Today at the grocery store Lance received his first balloon — a red balloon — from a cashier as we waited in line to pay for our groceries. I’m not exactly sure what the significance of this occurrence is, if any, but it made him happy. Which made me happy. Which made me quickly snap this picture before heading home.

When we got home I tied the balloon to the loop on the back of his shoe.

He couldn’t get away from him it. Which he liked. Which made him look like a dog chasing his own tail. Which made me laugh. Which made him race up and down the driveway trying to get away from it even more. Which made me take more pictures.

Then he got tired and sat on the stoop. Which made me take this picture.

Then I started thinking about all of the pictures I took over the weekend in Coudersport.

Like this one of Lance and his cousin Madeleine.

And this one of him hugging her.

But when I thought of Coudersport I got a little sad because we had to make an unexpected trip up there to go to my Uncle David’s funeral. But I didn’t want to be sad because we made good family memories even though we were all together for a sad occasion. And it’s good to make good memories with your family.

And take pictures like this one of Ainsley.

So if I start to get sad about my uncle in the days to come I will remember the sweet moments from the weekend and remind myself how great it is to spend time with family. And do things together, like sit in G.S.’s kitchen and watch Lance rearrange all of her magnets, just as all of her grandchildren and other great-grandchildren have done before him.

And to pile a whole bunch of kids on top of Mark and take a picture after we spent three nights sleeping all over his house and destroying all semblance of order in his otherwise peaceful, kid-free existence.

Yes, it was a bittersweet weekend, but if you ask anyone in my family you might be surprised to hear us say it was a little more sweet than bitter. We remembered and mourned my uncle, but we embraced the family time we all had together.

And we smiled.

Today it’s quiet at home in Danville. Just me and Lance and his red balloon. When he wakes up from his nap I’ll take him back outside. Which will make him happy. Which will make me happy. Like the way I am when I look at this picture of him with the balloon and the sky reflecting in the glass from the door.

Thank you cashier at Food Lion for the red balloon. Thank you family for making happy memories with me this weekend.

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6 thoughts on “A red balloon

  1. absolutely LOVE the last picture. what joy can be had in such a simple item… children see the best in the smallest things!

  2. Such great pictures Britta! Lance is getting so big! And that HAIR- the little bit of curl at the ends! LOVE!!! I need to see him (and you) very soon 🙂

  3. Perfectly said Britta, thanks! Definitely bitter sweet but full of wonderful memories. Looking forward to our next reunion!

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