Happy birthday, Sally!

Today is my dear friend Sally’s birthday. In light of her special day, I dedicate this post to Sally.

I met Sally in 1998 during freshman year at Virginia Tech in Deitrick Dining Hall… at the potato bar to be exact. We became fast friends. I don’t really think it had anything to do with potatoes, but I like to include that insignificant detail because it really adds emphasis on the comedic factor in our relationship. We have had some good times together — in college and beyond.

This is Sally.

This morning when I started going through my pictures I thought it’d be easy to pick out a few favorites and write a little message to Sally, but the truth is she is in WAY too many of my pictures from the last 14 years of our friendship that I had a terrible time trying to pick the favorites. I quickly became overwhelmed. And I was only perusing back to 2005 because evidently that is when I got my first digital camera and started archiving my photos on the computer. Any photos of us taken from 1998-2005 are most likely in an album stored in The Shrine. Embarrassing content for another day I might imagine.

For today, here are just a FEW of the ones I’ve compiled to wish my best bud Sally a Happy Birthday and remind her how much her friendship means to me.

No shortage of tailgating and VT football footage throughout the years. We are maroon and orange lovin’, tailgatin’ fools!

Then there is the “special occasion” collage of pictures, which include weddings, Galax, tubing the New River, and New York City to display only a snapshot of the many moments we have shared as friends.

Rounding out this whirlwind trip down memory lane includes pregnancy and motherhood. What would we do without our babies!? We would probably still be at the potato bar.

Sally is the kind of friend who when you go through your old pictures and try to find ones you love and think of what you could say about each photo you realize there is SO many good ones to pull from.

Happy birthday, Sally. I am so glad you have showed up in so many of my pictures.


Your Banter Lady friend

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2 thoughts on “Happy birthday, Sally!

  1. Omg Britta- you are such a good friend! … And maybe it’s a good thing you can’t get your hands on those pictures from the college years… People might be shocked that two such classy ladies as ourselves could get into such shananigans :-). Here’s to another great 14 years of friendship, and beyond!
    Salgo to your room!

    • So true about the college pictures. Although I bet when you looked at the one of us getting ready to tube The New you were reminded of an incident on the Huckleberry Trail. Enough said. Love you girl! See you in a few weeks!

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