A PICTUREsque run

What do you get when you take one crazy runner girl, one jogging stroller filled with one little boy, and a camera? Keep reading to find out!

I haven’t blogged about running since February and it is certainly not because it isn’t happening — in fact, my running rhythm is alive and well. In the last three months I have been consistently running three-four miles two-three times per week. Not overly ambitious, yet worthy of a satisfied feeling each week in the exercise arena. In addition, I’ve run in four 5Ks this spring and have become at one pushing Lance in the B.O.B. jogging stroller as I run. Jan & I picked up a used B.O.B. for a $150 from a couple in Greensboro a few months ago with mixed feelings. Neither he or I was too keen on pushing Lance while we ran because we considered it a hassle. So instead of springing for the $500 (give or take) that the B.O.B.’s retail for we bought a used one to see how we liked using a jogging stroller. I will be the first to admit how pleasantly surprised I am by how much I love taking Lance along on my runs nowadays. He gets fresh air, I get my run in, and it gives us a healthy (and free!) activity to fill the time during the week when Jan is working. Win, win, win! Money well spent.

On Friday as I prepared for my run I had the insane grand idea to take my camera and arbitrarily snap a few pictures along the way, with the end goal of blogging about my experience. I thought what a fun little exercise to engage in while I exercised. As if running and simultaneously pushing Lance in the jogging stroller was not enough. Clearly, I needed one more thing to do. Clearly. [Rolling eyes at myself].

I set my sights on a modest two-miler since I was running in a 5K on Saturday and didn’t want to overexert myself. Plus, I knew taking pictures while running while pushing Lance in the jogging stroller was not something I could sustain for much more than two miles.

And so our “grand idea” journey began. Aside from the first two pictures, I took every other picture while I was running. When I finished I discovered I had taken upwards of 50 photos. Looking through them post-run was all together entertaining. Some were funny, some were terrible, some were artistic, some were blurry, some were actually good, and some were just plain bizarre. I deleted about half the images fairly quickly, then uploaded the rest on my computer for further review. Of the remaining photos I chose my top 21 favorites to include. The angles, the landmarks, the scenery, and the focal points tell an honest tale of what my run looked like. So if you do not feel like running today, don’t bother. Just look at these pictures and it will be just like you are running with me!

There. Wasn’t that the easiest run you ever went on?? All ready for a cool down, eh?

At the end of the day I had an enjoyable time combining two hobbies that I love  — running and taking pictures. I cannot say I’m going to bring my camera along on every run from here on out, but it was definitely a fun way to mix up my routine. The trail I run on is familiar and reliable; my running routine is all about consistency and maintenance these days… but taking pictures on Friday spiced things up a bit and left me with a story to share. Since running is a reflective time for me, and a place where I do a lot of thinking and writing in my mind, it was the best exercise I had all week… in both creative and cardiac ways.

You should feel rejuvenated at this point, so I leave you with a simple question: What’s one thing you have done or would like to do to amp up your work-out routine this spring?

Keep sweating,

The Banter Lady

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2 thoughts on “A PICTUREsque run

  1. Awesome! I would actually like to get back to my work-outs… I haven’t put on a pair of running or workout shoes in 1 1/2 months. Time to fix that!!

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