Last night I went on a recipe cutting binge. It all started with a picture of mustard turkey burgers on the cover of Whole Living Magazine. From there I clipped out recipes for whole-grain waffles with sliced strawberries and yogurt… and then sautéed chicken with spinach, garlic, and pine nuts. As my grocery list got a little bit longer, and my mouth watered I got excited about these new recipes… all of which I intend to make in the next week.

Today as I am still salivating I came across this post from WordPress about 7 Food Blogs to follow this summer. Although you will never find recipes on my site b/c I am not a food blogger, I DO love to eat, and when I am in the mood, cook! Evidently I am in the mood.
So as we roll in to Memorial Day weekend I am sharing the wealth (and calories) with all my lucky readers. I know many of you love to cook and are savvy in the kitchen, so enjoy perusing these food blogs.
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Let me know if you come across any delish recipes. And please share!

Grillin’ and chillin’ this weekend,
The Banter Lady

The Blog

With the official first day of summer right around the corner, now is a great time to start collecting recipes for your favorite warm-weather treats.

You’ll find endless inspiration by browsing through topics like recipe, grilling, and summer in the Reader, and discover tons of great ideas by exploring our collection of recommended food blogs.

Here are seven mouthwatering recipes from a handful of fantastic blogs that are sure to delight all summer long:

The Patterned Plate

We Call Him Yes! Chef!

The Faux Martha

In Pursuit of More

Just Homemade

Love + Cupcakes

The Craving Chronicles

Do you have an all-time favorite summer recipe? What new recipes do you hope to try out this season?

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