Lost without a camera

This past weekend Jan, Lance, I traveled to Plain View, VA (not far outside of Richmond) to see our good Hokie friends, Sally, Matt, and Sophia. We celebrated Sophia’s 1st birthday on Saturday.

To my dismay, when we arrived at The Lacy’s I had the realization I left my camera battery plugged into the wall at home. I had the camera, but no battery. “How I am going to take pictures?!” I sulked to Sally. Not having my camera is like not having your iPhone to many of my friends. I’m lost without a cause!

As a remedy to the situation Sally lent me her Sony point-and-shoot camera that is similar to my Canon. I felt a little better. And I did end up taking a few pictures here and there, but luckily so did Sally. She has an amazing Nikon SLR camera that captures really pretty images. So I did the best I could with her camera and then sat back and let her do much of the picture-taking.

Here are some images from the weekend… the weather was beautiful… their house/yard/porch is heaven… the babies (ok fine, toddlers) were cute as can be… and a good time was had by all.

Today is Sophia’s actual birthday — happy birthday to a sweet little girl, who is as pretty as her Mama!

On our next trip I hope I don’t forget my camera battery. The takeaway from my experience? Now I want an SLR camera!!

In a side note, Sally took a few candids of my family and a few of just me to use for the new Family Blogging website my friend Luke and I are launching next month. The website is designed to help people share their stories and photos across the web, complete with tutorials and creative tidbits. Stay tuned for more information!

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