List of 10 on the 10th

1. We went out for lunch today. I ate french fries, pizza, and a side salad for good measure. Then I took a nap. Guiltless Sunday afternoon pleasures.

2. I confess. I read Fifty shades of grey. Let’s see here, what other titles could I give to this book? Fifty shades of dirty… Fifty shades of oh my Lawd! Fifty shades of naughty… Fifty shades of I want more (did I just say that?!)… Fifty shades of embarrassed… Fifty shades of wrong… Fifty shades of just plain turned on… Fifty shades of what the __?! I better stop now. This is a family blog after all.

3. I recently discovered Spotify, a music App I downloaded from FB. LOVE!

4. The Petrich Family is Germany bound again — this summer! Jan can only go for a week, but Lance and I will be there for two and a half weeks. We are flying over July 29 with my Mom (twisted her arm to join us)! She’ll fly home on August 9, the same day Jan flies in. Jan, Lance, and I all come home on August 15. We will get to swim in Lake Geierswalde, be there to celebrate Jan’s parents 40th wedding anniversary, and be able to enjoy Germany during the summer. As it turns our trip dates coincide with the London 2012 Olympics so can watch a lot of the events real-time. Bonus!

5. Speaking of Europe and sporting events. The European Football Championship started on Friday. Our little fan will be cheering hard for Deutschland throughout the rest of this month.

6. My Mom and G.S. visited us last week.

They just left this morning and we miss them already! We had a great week, despite the fact that my Mom’s Explorer broke down and is now sitting at the Ford Dealership in Danville waiting for someone to look at it tomorrow. Lovely, right? They are now traveling northbound in Jan’s car, leaving us with one car for the time being. Fingers crossed it is an easy fix.

7. We also had a quick visit from Aunt Claire and Uncle Rick on Thursday for lunch. They were traveling from Florida to Pennsylvania and stopped by to visit and have lunch on their way north. Luke and Lance turned on the charm and each found a lap.

8. Incidentally, Aunt Claire brought me a packet of old pictures she thought I might like to have. This is one of them.

Yep, yours truly at 13 months.

9. We are continuing to enjoy our time at the pool we joined this summer. Lance is not afraid of the water, but he is not super brave either. I’m glad he likes it so far though. I was a total fish when I was a kid… first one in the pool, last one out kind of kid. I’ll be interested to see when/how Lance actually learns to swim. Yesterday I put my face in and blew bubbles and I thought he was going to do it, too, but he chickened out. Filling up his bucket and dumping it out down his front seems to be where his comfort level currently lies.

10. And at that, he is starting to stir from his nap, which means my blogging time for today is almost up. I’ll end in a rhyme, and see you next time!

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