The Guide to Modern Family Blogging


In a few weeks my longtime and childhood friend, Luke Moore, and I are launching a family blogging website called: The Guide to Modern Family Blogging. You may remember Luke from his guest post on motivation.

The purpose our collaborative family blogging website site is to help parents document, archive, and share their children’s special moments with friends and families across the miles. Both Luke and I have young children and blog regularly. We see the benefits our blogs have for our extended families and friends who do not get to see us all the time. Posting stories, pictures, and videos helps bridge the gap across the miles and preserves special memories for a lifetime.

The Guide to Modern Family Blogging will have tutorials, writing information, and weekly writing prompts that you can email subscribe to in order to help you generate content for your blog. Blogging is fun, free, easy, and a great way to share your story. We are excited to meet, connect, and  help other parents out there like us who are interested in setting up a blog

I am personally excited about this venture because I have been a player in the blogging community for almost a year now. I have learned a ton, and I am ready learn more. This endeavor will be a chance for me to broaden my writing, expand my blogging network, and help others share their story.

I will provide the URL soon. We are still getting a few items uploaded and working on the site. Stay tuned for our July 4th launch date!

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