List of seven on Sunday: 1.0

1. Last week Lance took a bubble bath. And I’m not talking about in the bathtub. I’m talking about the unscrew-the-top-to-the-bubbles-when-Mommy-is-not-looking-then-dump-it-all-over-the-floor-and-slip-and-fall kind of bubble bath. Bubbles all over the hands. Bubbles all over the feet. Bubbles all over the clothes. Bubbles all in the hair. Bubbles all over the floor. Bubbles everywhere.

2. Last weekend we took Lance to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. Among the many animals we saw in the Africa section of the zoo, the highlights included giraffes (including a pregnant Mama!), elephants (my personal favorites), lions, chimpanzees, gorillas, zebras, rhinos, and baboons. Lance did exceedingly well the entire time we were there and expressed interest in most of the animals. He did his fair share of walking, too, in between the exhibits. Although Jan & I couldn’t help laughing at the fact that pretty much every time you turned around you ran into someone with a stroller. We’re just starting to enter the world of kid-friendly places since Lance is getting old enough for these kinds of places. Not that people of all ages don’t enjoy the zoo (Jan & I had fun!), but it was definitely catered to kids. The funniest moment of the day occurred when one of the gorillas randomly picked up his food pan and put it on his head and walked around in front of the glass window. Silly gorilla!

3. The other morning Lance got into trouble because he kept trying to pull our alarm clock off the nightstand. After his third attempt and blatant decision to ignore my verbal warning, I yanked him out of the room and yelled at him. Of course, he wandered over to the corner and immediately started to cry. When the sobs finally started to subside I went over to him and pulled him on my lap and told him he needs to listen to Mommy. And then, for good measure, since he is talking so much lately and will often repeat what I say I wishfully added in, “Now say Ok, Mommy.” In a meek, pitiful voice he said, “Ok, Mommy.” Brilliant! I couldn’t help cracking up inside at his momentary obedience. Then Jan walked by and said, “You realize he has no idea what he is agreeing to.” Ahh, well. Here’s to hoping… Ok, Mommy.

4. Lance is super into trains these days. So in an attempt to fulfill his desire I took him to Target and we looked at trains. Then together we picked out one to buy and take home. Let me first preface this story by stating I am not one to buy my child a lot of stuff. In fact, I rarely buy him toys because I personally think he has enough and he gets them as gifts from grandparents and for special occasions. But in a moment of I-really-want-to-do-something-sweet-for-him-for-no-reason-at-all-and-buy-him-a-train, I relented and found myself perusing the many train options. We settled on a three cart Thomas the Train set. He happily sat in the shopping cart for the rest of the time holding the trains in the box while I finished shopping. At check-out he reluctantly let the cashier scan the item. When we got in the car he started getting slightly agitated that he couldn’t get it out of the box. Soon “slightly agitated” turned into wailing, screaming, crying and throwing the box of trains on the floor. At the next red-light (dare I admit this?!) I frantically found myself trying to unhinge Thomas. When we got home he (Lance, not Thomas) was beyond consolable even though I finally managed to get the stupid disagreeable toy free. I already hate despise loathe don’t care for Thomas, and I haven’t watched the show yet. I am officially reminding myself never to buy something for Lance while he is with me again.

5. And then there was blood. It happened at the pool just as we were walking in. Lance got his little feet moving too fast and he spun out of control. The result? Landing face first on the sidewalk and scraping patches of skin off his left nostril and above his upper lip. Poor little dude! He did recover nicely and ended up having the best time at the pool that day, but we got off to a bloody rotten start. Now of course it looks even worse since the blood dried and he has two terrible looking scabs. Good thing I had finally gotten around to scheduling a studio portrait session for him next Monday. Just my luck.

6. Lance loves his friend Tom. What’s not to love? Tom’s mom (hi Jessica!) and I were considering closing off the ends of this tube at the park so we could contain the boys and sit down and relax already, but we figured it might be frowned upon by any onlookers.

7. Rounding out the list features our second go round at the beach this year. We’ve spent the last few days in Southport, NC with Grammy and Pop playing on the beach. Crazily enough Lance has become quite fond of his new sunglasses from Grammy. He seriously keeps them on the whole time we are at the beach. Hysterical. Between keeping hats on his head and now wearing sunglasses he has become quite the little accesorizer.



Have a good one,
The Banter Lady

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2 thoughts on “List of seven on Sunday: 1.0

  1. Britta –

    We are moving and I have a complete set of wooden train tracks and little trains and the Thomas ones fit on the tracks. If you’re interested, I’ll mail them down to Lance. Just let me know 🙂

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