Baby #2 coming 2013!

Yep, it’s true. I am pregnant, preggers, preggo, with child, expecting, have a bun in the oven, in a delicate condition, eating for two, carrying, and schwanger (German word for pregnant). However you want to phrase it, I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY! I will be a mother of two. Jan will be a father of two. Lance will be a BIG BROTHER! And Luke, well, he is just moving lower and lower on the totem pole.

We are so excited about our upcoming addition. Luke will adjust, as will we all. Now for some fun question/answer about this little bean.

When is the baby due?

Baby #2 is due January 27, 2013. Fun fact: this is exactly two years and two days after Lance was due! Accordingly, my babes will probably be just a little over two years apart. Lance was born January 6, 2011 – three weeks early – due to a condition I had called placenta previa. I am hoping I do not have the condition again, but the ultrasound technician said it is still too early to tell. Although she did note that right now the placenta is high up in my uterus (a good sign!).

How do I feel?

Tired and hungry!! But luckily not sick or nauseous so I’m getting by with plenty of naps and double-portions. Beyond the fatigue and famine I am mostly thrilled. When we had our first ultrasound a few days ago I swear I had permagrin the whole time. The second time around seems totally different to me from a mental stand-point. During my first ultrasound with Lance I am pretty sure I was scared to death. Now that I know what it is all about, I am ready to experience it again with a more confident disposition. The first time around is so crazy and life altering; this time around, at least my lifestyle has already changed and I know what I am in for. Sure, having two will bring on a whole new set of challenges, but I am ready for the additional chaos (and snuggles).

Were we trying to get pregnant?

Well, let’s just say that we weren’t not trying to get pregnant. But geez, things happened fast! I think we are going to surprise some family and friends with our news. If you are finding out the news right now, yay! I love surprising people! And seriously, aside from our immediate family we have not had a chance to share the news with too many people yet. Honestly, it did not even seem real to me at times until we had the ultrasound. Well, aside from my zombie, munchie state.

Have I had any weird cravings yet?

Yes! I have been eating anything and everything. I was like this with Lance, too – constantly hungry. My bedtime snack of choice has been Quaker instant oatmeal. A little strange, but very satisfying. I made Jan make me a bowl the other night at about ten o’clock while I was reading in bed. Once I start having a craving, I will not rest until it is satisfied. Oatmeal anyone? Other than that I have also been cooking like a crazed maniac. I have found myself clipping recipes from magazines, flipping through my recipe box, and I even called my cousin for a cupcake recipe I love on Friday. My grocery bill is higher and my pants are tighter, but I love this new motivation to cook/create meals.

Do we have any ultrasound pictures?

Better! We have a video. Take a look this 25 second video of the ultrasound. You can see the heartbeat and a little fetal movement in the beginning. Neat-o!

I am not sure if I feel boy or girl yet. How about you? Do you see blue or pink in my future?

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8 thoughts on “Baby #2 coming 2013!

  1. Britta, that is wonderful news. SOOOOO happy for you all. We spent our afternoon at the town pool and then home for a cookout (just the four of us). After supper we had a some fun in the sandbox, and as I watched my monkeys playing and having fun, Reagan contemplating eating the sand, I thought to myself, really and truly it doesn’t get any better than this. So cliche, but so very true. Congrats again.

  2. WOOT!!! I’m so excited for you all. What’s funny is I was just thinking about you the other day and wondered if you all would have more children. 🙂

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