A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Happy Friday!

Thanks for all the likes and comments on FB about Baby #2. I feel loved. And already expanding. Loved and already expanding, yep, that’s me! Wow, this blog is about to get more interesting…

I am looking forward to writing about my pregnancy in addition to the topics I already cover. I am unbelievably happy we are sharing the news. I will be 11-weeks along this weekend! It is a tough go in the beginning. Between the constant tiredness and the we-really-need-to-keep-this-quiet-until-we-hear-the-heartbeat-and-at-least-tell-our-parents mentality you must live with before sharing the news, it’s rough! I am sure the next 29 weeks will be a piece of cake! Right?

Ok, so the next 29 weeks will be insane! But I intend to have fun with my pregnancy. When I was almost 36 weeks pregnant with Lance I went to the mall and did stuff like this…

Rivaling Santa for the jolliest belly – 2010

I can only imagine what kind of shenanigans I’ll get into this time!

For one, I will be doing some traveling. The weekend of July 20th I am going to New York City for a girl’s weekend to celebrate my friend Mary Helen’s upcoming wedding. I did not fly while pregnant with Lance so I shall see how flying feels. And as if a little plane ride to/from NYC isn’t enough, I am still planning to go to Germany on July 29th for two and half weeks to see Jan’s family. The timing of both trips is ideal though. I will be early in my second trimester, which will mean two wonderful things: (1) I will have some energy back and (2) I will not be too huge or uncomfortable yet. Looking forward to both trips. As much as I have traveled/flown I am guessing it will not be much different. I am just bringing a stowaway 😉

Note to self: hydrate and circulate.

Now… unrelated to pregnancy or travel I really have to share a few better-late-than-never photos of Lance’s first hair-cut on June 28, 2012. He did great during the whole process, and I have to admit, as much as I was not looking forward to getting it cut, I truly do love the way he looks now. Marion at Forever Young Salon and Spa did a great job. And after all, I guess it is about time he got a hair-cut — he is 18-months old today!? Wait, what? 18-months? Yes, 18-months.

Happy 18-months, Lance… you are so grown up with your new do!

Testing out his options.

Nice, they have fish here.

“Stop taking pictures of the back of my head, Mom. It’s just hair!”

He chose the airplane… so far so good…

Snip, snip… swim fishy swim…

Still drivin’ that airplane…

SO handsome! And SO grown-up… sigh.

Ta-da! “Now, Mom, about your hair…”

Have a great weekend! Not really sure what we are doing yet… probably a little bit of this and a little bit of that.


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2 thoughts on “A little bit of this and a little bit of that

  1. Britta –

    Good luck with your trips in a few weeks. Don’t stress about flying while preggers! I flew FL to PA at 7 months and FL to Boston at 8 months. Uncomfortable and cankles galore but the rest was bearable! Enjoy the trips! Hopefully I will see you, and your belly, in Coudy this fall!

    • Good to know! I won’t be nearly as far along. Hope to see you in Coudy in the fall, too. I’d like to come up early October this year to see the leaves.

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