List of seven on Sunday: 1.1

1. I like lists. This is no secret. Many a posts have been written in list form here on The Banter. Recently I realized I needed to do something official on my blog that will allow me to regularly and orderly write in lists. The answer? I am starting a new “weekly post” called List of seven on Sunday. That way I can write once/week in list form and cover an array of categories. This is the second official installment with many more to come! I hope you enjoy this new weekly column-type post. It’s only taken me a year to come up with this idea… one of the many take-aways from my first year of blogging, which I will be writing more about later this month.

2. On July 4, 2012, my friend Luke and I officially launched The Guide to Modern Family Blogging. Go take a peak if you have not already. You will even find a Lance story written as an example to one of the weekly writing prompts we are offering subscribers. We are pleased to offer The Guide as a resource for other family bloggers like us.

3. This coming week marks week 12 of my pregnancy. According to the “What to expect” iPad App, the fetus is approximately two and a half inches long… or the size of a large plum if you are into those fruit references. Who’s idea was it anyway to use fruit a an icon for the fetus as it grows from seed to blueberry to mango and on down the produce aisle? Did it have something to do with the fact that offspring are often referred to as the “fruit of a man and woman’s loins?” Just wondering. (Sorry. I said offspring and loins in the same sentence. Won’t happen again).

4. Is anyone else really sick of the heat? I not a complainer-type, but these back-to-back-to-back-to-back 100+ degree days are getting a little old. Personally, I do not like anything over 80, but even the 80’s are starting to sound good to me.

5. Oh well. I guess it is summer after all. At least we have the pool to swim in with our neighbors. Love these girls. They are so sweet to Lance.

Haley, Lance, and Reese beatin’ the heat – July 7, 2012

6. On Monday (July 2, 2012 — let’s be specific here) morning when I laid Lance down for his nap  I looked down at him laying in his crib and told him I loved him. He sleepily looked back up at me with such sincerity and said “I love you” right back to me in his sweet little still-learning-to-talk voice. BEST MOMENT EVER. May I always remember that day. Especially on the days when he says not-so-nice things (because I heard that might happen someday).

7. When we went to the Asheboro Zoo a few weekends ago I mentioned we learned that one of the giraffes was pregnant and due to give birth soon. Since our trip I have been faithfully checking the Zoo’s homepage for an update, and yesterday morning after breakfast I finally saw the news! Very cool. Did you know the gestation period of a giraffe is approximately 400-460 days? Did you know they give birth standing up? And did you know a baby giraffe is around six feet tall at birth? Just a mini-biology lesson for you today. I’d hate for you to read all of this riveting Banter and walk away empty-handed.

And that makes seven!

Glad I’m not a giraffe,

The Banter Lady

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